Saigon – My Crew (prod. Statik Selektah)

Another leak from Saigon & Statik’s upcoming All In A Days Work (which drops next Tuesday). Radio rip from DJ Premier’s LiveFromHQ on SiriusXM .Link jacked from Dre. Spit, The Rules, So Cruel, My Crew… glad to see they went all in a minute’s work on the tracknames. I know I know… the song titles don’t matter, but damn… UPDATE: Added the CDQ version.

DOWNLOAD: Saigon – My Crew (prod. Statik Selektah)


~ by Shake on March 14, 2009.

27 Responses to “Saigon – My Crew (prod. Statik Selektah)”

  1. Shake…. What’s up with the Japanes Cartoon Post…. The new track “Crowd Participation” is pretty cool.

  2. I also put up a couple new Doom track’s off of Born Like This. That Gazzillion Ear track is probably one of the dopest Doom track’s I’ve heard in a while.

  3. I wonder what this album albums sales will be like.

  4. ^There are no sales for digital albums.

  5. lol what do you guys have against saigon? i swear, i see yall taking little jabs at dude, every time ya’ll post his music…not that i have a problem with it, its really nothing…just a little something i’ve noticed. I’m guessing you dudes are pretty big on Joe Budden, no? anyway, good looks on the track 🙂

  6. ^There are no sales for digital albums.
    actually there is. if you remember, budden’s “halfway house” debuted in the billboard top 200 with album sales of about 4,000 when it came out and it was a digital album too.

  7. Damn, Crooked I got set the fuck up! Thank god that guns cant be aimed properly by retards, and that Crooked is ok. Almost lost a good dude out there.

  8. True, but this is a downloadable digital album, right?
    I don’t think the Talib Kweli/Madlib Liberation did any numbers.

  9. New Apathy

  10. […] more: Saigon – My Crew (prod. Statik Selektah) [Radio Rip] Tags: 2009, akon, ali, Beef, best life, bestofbothoffices, brooke, cdq, contest, Hip Hop, radio […]

  11. It’s straight.

  12. this album gonna be dope

  13. Bitchin’ about track names? shakin’ my head, such nonsense

  14. 3 songs leaked and this already sounds better than Padded Room, Saign FTW!!!!!

  15. True, but this is a downloadable digital album, right?
    I don’t think the Talib Kweli/Madlib Liberation did any numbers.

    That was a free album from Talib and Madlib. It was before Eardrum, just to get some hype. Kinda like a mixtape, only better. You know, how music should be done. Basically what this album was gonna be til Amalgam offered Sai money for it.

  16. as far as the music….. I like the feeling to this album, but The Rules is by far the best song from this album so far.

  17. too many people ride buddens dick and hate sai for that reason

  18. I’m more of a Budden fan but I’m not gonna stan and front, this is turning out to be a pretty decent album.

  19. word on james. Yall need to stop actin like bitches when it comes to saigon.

  20. ^^^^
    for real, Saigon is dope. no denyin it. im so excited for this album i aint even downloadin these “leaks”- i heard “the rules” and im patiently waitin for the rest. me and my girl Mary are just gonna sit back and soak it all in come tuesday.

  21. smh… i have NOTHING against saigon.
    geez. you cant say shit on the internet, especially one little negative (which i said i was basically fucking around on). and im not with that “yo i mess with joe budden so fuck saigon” shit. thats childish. im too grown for that shit.

  22. sick man

  23. word, i feel you Shake. lol again. good looks…

  24. One word: Juicy

  25. yeah, shake acts the same way toward young buck. always sayin one little negative comment that tries to sway people to hate the track. Saigon is dope. Young Buck is dope. Keep up the good work.

  26. Statik Selektah is dope! He always comes strong on the boards…i’d like to hear Nas, Luda, 3 Stacks, maybe Scarface spit on his beats.

  27. Real nice track with some real good vibes to it! I’m really loving this & the other tracks that have leaked so far! This is shaping to be a real dope Hip-Hop album like I thought it would be when they 1st said about it! Can’t wait for the whole album on Tuesday!

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