Charles Hamilton, B/A & Yung Nate – Freestyle Friday (Video)

Charles & Co. drop bars for the first edition of the Demevolist Music Group’s Freestyle Friday series. Hammy up top, Nate & Baghdad down below…


~ by Shake on March 15, 2009.

12 Responses to “Charles Hamilton, B/A & Yung Nate – Freestyle Friday (Video)”

  1. sonic looks blazed haha. “to make a chick alex mack”, wow at the old nickelodeon show reference. CH is such an internet nerd, which i like, and dude can ramble on forever haha.

  2. lmao at the curtain fallin @ 5:17 in Chuck’s vid….

  3. “to make a chick alex mack”…i remember that show…chick turned in to a talking puddle…WTF

  4. Charles of the top is nothing to fuck with…

    **Waits for the “people who don’t like Charles Hamilton because he’s ___________” to come in here and comment**

  5. Duz anybody knw wat Hamiltons nxt mixtape is gonna b called

  6. charles is that dude.

  7. Charles look bummy as hell in this video haha

    not a bad freestyle but I doubt that much people stood 9 mins listening to the ramble 😛

  8. Props to the Demev

  9. CHarles is a beast on the freestyle tip but I’m still having a hard time gettin w/ his tapes. Maybe cause his flows are so complex…..

    Hhaaahahaha! Dope! My nigga got the Iron Gym!
    That’s my shit!

  10. […] here:  Charles Hamilton, B/A & Yung Nate – Freestyle Friday (Video) Tags: 2dopeboyz, 9th wonder, ali, b/a, Beef, charles hamilton, chinatown wars, convinced, doom, […]

  11. Charles brings it. Seems like the other dudes shits was written…

  12. Ok stuff. I dig Nate more on a beat than accapela

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