Jadakiss – Whos Real f. Swizz Beatz & OJ Da Juiceman

I wouldn’t wanna show my face on this post either, because this shit is down right shameful. Shouts to BoBo. The Last Kiss in stores April 7th.

DOWNLOAD: Jadakiss – Whos Real f. Swizz Beatz & OJ Da Juiceman


~ by Shake on March 15, 2009.

19 Responses to “Jadakiss – Whos Real f. Swizz Beatz & OJ Da Juiceman”

  1. I have no listened to this shit. But as a Jada fan, I gotta say…
    OJ DA Juiceman!?…

    The fuck!?

    First he does that Hurricane Chris feature and then features this sumbitch fucktard.

    I mean… WHERE’S THE FUCKIN’ JAY-Z feature. He’s on Roc-A-Fella for goodness sake.

    Once again, I AM a Jada fan, but c’mon, OJ Da Juiceman. “That make him say aye!” and don’t get me started on his name, I mean, what does that even mean?!

    *sigh* Jada, BIG would NOT approve.

  2. it aint as bad as these homos make it seem

  3. ^^^ I hope you ain’t calling me a homo.

    Anyways, just finished listening and… I don’t remember a thing about it. Wasn’t the worst song I’ve heard but Jada could’ve done better and it certainly didn’t need that Juiceman mofo.

    What Jada needs is another “The Champ Is Here” type track.
    I like that Ne-Yo shit he got.
    Letter To B.I.G. is dope as hell.
    We Run Shit is cool though I don’t think it’s on the album.

    But I’m not feeling this song, not the worse song, but Jada could do better.

  4. “it aint as bad as these homos make it seem”

    This is the realest thing I’ve read all day. Record ain’t even all that bad.

  5. Swizz fell the fuck off.

  6. It Would Be Nice To Have A Jay Feature, But I Will Take The Nas Feature He Promised

  7. Digg the beat, hook is awful


  8. This song is alright when it breaks down with the actual kicks included, and this hook is garbage

  9. Kiss killed it as usual & OJ did alright! Swizz did his thing on the beat & hook though! Can’t wait to cop that Last Kiss album in a few weeks though!
    Ps-Not that I was really expecting anything good at all from OJ wack ass & smh at Jada even having him on the album!

  10. SMFH@ what happened to HipHop. Since when did people start defending wack shit? “It ain’t bad” or “It’s alright” isn’t nearly enough for an emcee of Jada’s caliber. I expect fire from a dude like that, keep the weak links on the cutting room floor.

  11. Aw. He looks so sad…

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  13. You know the Kiss album will be garbage..

  14. Styles P makes a better SONG than Jada

  15. is this shit on the album?…..

  16. I gotta say I’m nowhere close to being a fan of this OJ dude. Nor do I think Jada shoulda put him on this track. But this isn’t as bad as some of y’all on here are making it out to be. Y’all trippin’. I bet a bunch of them young ass shorties is gonna be putting this up on their fucking lolMyspace pages or at least the chorus.

  17. People have tendencies to fail to remember that artists would prefer to appeal to a broader range of listeners than to stick to making every track on an album a street track. And don’t sit here and act like half of you are actually going to get up and buy the album anyway. Most of you probably cant wait for the damn thing to hit the internet for downloading. Not like you cant skip the damn track anyway.

  18. jadakiss a sellout, he took a L for putting Oj on the track hes worst then soulja boy, swizz beats is just terrible at everything

  19. Song is ok pretty good but who gave OJ Da Juiceman a “Allowed To Rap” pass? People actually think this dude is a rising legend down bottom too!!!

    Wow! Is the bar for skills lowering or rising (rhetorical)!

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