Pimpin’ Curly – The Fast Lane ep.6: Curly Gets High

Real talk, if I can’t sit through a five-minute Fiddy song sometimes, the fuck kind of chances I got watching a 15-minute video? Pass.


~ by Meka on March 15, 2009.

19 Responses to “Pimpin’ Curly – The Fast Lane ep.6: Curly Gets High

  1. Slim to none.

  2. i wonder what dre and em be thinking when he does stuff like this.

  3. hot shit worth 15 min super funny

  4. they keep gettin’ better

  5. how did he get a 15 minute video on youtube?
    the limit is 10 minutes

  6. If you have a director’s account or something like that you can upload longer videos.

  7. it’s 50 cent, he does what he wants. and yeah, they’re funny, but 15 min. is a bit absurd especially when it’s the same thing every time.

  8. ^ A lot of this shit falls under the umbrella of ‘He’s motherfucking 50 Cent’ which is hilarious. Not many people could get away with these videos… even though some of them are funny.

  9. lmao
    fif makes a terrible white dude

  10. lol i dono how he keeps me interested for 15 mins, but this shit is too funny.

  11. This nigga was hiding under the truck. LMAO!!!!!!!

    “I’m ridin around with 1 star mayne, I’m bout to make it to 5 if I don’t get my strap back!”

    AND this nigga threw the chick down the stairs and told her to walk it off. Hilarious.

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  13. when he threw the girl down the stairs i was done lmao.

  14. LOL.

    50 won with these.

    “what does this mean man? that i’m a crackhead?”
    then riding chicks around town.

  15. when that bitch flew down the steps… I DIED lmao

  16. shit was dumb ass funny cuz.

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  18. like I said on Twitter, it was funny the first time, after that I haven’t laughed.

  19. when he slapped the muscles off that dude, that was it for me. throwing the girl down the stairs was the icing on the cake…

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