Asher Roth – Blunt Cruisin’ Live (Video)

Some more footage of Asher performing at Toad’s last week. Asleep In The Bread Aisle in stores 4/20. Shouts to the good folks (minus waxx) at illRoots.


~ by Shake on March 16, 2009.

8 Responses to “Asher Roth – Blunt Cruisin’ Live (Video)”

  1. “Where’s the blunt at? Homie pass that shit…not like that homie ash that shit…can you turn this song up homie ASH THAT SHIT!!

    This song makes me want to hotbox my whip like I used to when I was in highschool.oh hell yeah

  2. how does one go about getting you to email him that sneak peek that you heard? the requesting individual promises not to share or leak it to anyone

  3. whatd i do this time!?

  4. i dont know. but i bet you did something!

    and i wont be sending any asher material out truth. sawwwwy

  5. I think i jus heard my favorite song from Asher’s album

  6. damn. i understand. i had to try and ask though. mom dukes always told me to speak up on what i want.

    if you happened to change your mind, you wouldn’t have to worry about me even acknowledging that i got it, it would just be an unspoken thank you. haha. and a silent listen on the pod while im stressing through finals week

  7. ash roth needs to collab with mike posner. thatd be crazy!

  8. […] rest is here: Asher Roth – Blunt Cruisin’ Live (Video) Tags: 2dopeboyz, ant, asher-roth, asleep in the bread aisle, birthday, blu, contest, […]

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