B.o.B Bobby Ray – Mr. Bobby

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If you didn’t know, one of the dopest ATLiens doing it right now has had a change of heart (with his former hip hop alias). No longer will he be known as B.o.B. Ladies & gentlemen, meet Bobby Ray. The name change comes with a new sound. A lot of instrumentation and a rock-and-roll edge…

Now I go by the name Bobby Ray. Make sure you put Bobby Ray. I’m really going into a new direction — more free and not trying to live up to any particular genre. I don’t feel like I’ve been doing that. I don’t feel like I’ve been trying to fit in, but I feel even more free-spirited. I have more willingness musically. That’s all I’m about. I’m about guitars, chords and keyboards.B.o.B Bobby Ray B.o.B [via MTV]

DOWNLOAD: Bobby Ray – Mr. Bobby


~ by Shake on March 16, 2009.

22 Responses to “B.o.B Bobby Ray – Mr. Bobby”

  1. Bad Brains, anyone?

  2. Either way I still love B.O.B. Bobby Ray!!

  3. he went from rapping to singing.I suspect that weed is involved somewhere in this.
    just another case of..WHEN KEEPING IT REAL GOES WRONG!

  4. lol hopefully this works out

  5. B.O.B and Kid Cudi can ride the small bus together

  6. The man is a talented artist regardless.
    I wish him the best.

  7. I retract my last statement……..im feeling this track. Cudi is still on crack tho

  8. “Back. Out. Banging.”? Im Pretty Sure That Is Not What It Meant In The Slightest. Im Glad Bobby Ray Did Not Quit Because It Would Have Sucked To Have Two Of The Freshman Already Drop Out.

  9. […] is the original post:  B.o.B Bobby Ray – Mr. Bobby Tags: 2009, ali, ant, b.o.b., Downloads, drake, freestyle, […]

  10. i never actually knew him as an artist- so whatever. his music is dope.

    so fugg it.

  11. idc what anybody says this post blew the fuck outta me…

    how is this gonna affect his album?

  12. man fuck
    what the hell is he thinkin
    the Who the Fuck is B.o.B mixtape was the shit
    he need to stick to it
    but hey if thats what he’s feelin…

  13. this is soooooo fresh! i liked B.O.B, but i LOVE Bobby Ray. sun is starting to show its pretty face in Ireland, and this is my first spring/summer track.

    Thank you B.R

  14. as long as he keep spittin like he does. he can change his name to whatever. B.o.B. or Bobby Ray. Either way its still his name its not that serious. Real name= Bobby Ray Simmons

  15. not feeling it. Not bad but not great either. Better he does a name change earlier in his career.

  16. This sounds exactly like his rapping. There’s no real change here with the vocals, he always sings the hook then kind sing song raps on verses. The live band is the only difference.

  17. This is pretty great.

  18. […] is it Bobby Ray? He went by B.o.B back then, so I’ll leave it at that. Taken off Classified’s upcoming […]

  19. and this is more a reggae edge than a rock-n-roll edge…its dope

  20. […] B.o.B’s recent name change means more music, than so be it! Three new joints from Bobby in a span of 24 hours? No complaints […]

  21. […] B.o.B’s recent name change means more music, than so be it! Three new joints from Bobby in a span of 24 hours? No complaints […]

  22. I haven’t heard much from BoB but love what I have. Hopefully his album is still gonna have that Outkast feel to it. I’ll be in the sky is dope. Generation Lost and Haterz are good too. He is one talented dude. As long as the music is dope, I dont care what his name it

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