CurT@!n$ – HHO Interview pt.2 (Video)

Part 2 of HHO’s talk with CurT@!n$, he talks about his latest mixtape, The Great Adventures of Dope Boy C, and how he’s systematically getting the world ready for his upcoming album.

PREVIOUS: CurT@!n$ – HHO Interview pt.1 (Video)


~ by Shake on March 16, 2009.

4 Responses to “CurT@!n$ – HHO Interview pt.2 (Video)”

  1. 1 of my fav….
    y dont this mofo get any love tho?!?! smh

  2. Lyrically one of the dopest ive heard in a long time. CurT@!n$ is that dude-pause.

  3. so happy you started postin this dude shake…the mixtape bangs

  4. CurT@!n$ is 1) very annoying to spell 2)one of the dopest lyricists i’ve heard in a while.

    If you want proof, Youtube CurT@!n$, and watch him CHOP-UP Freck Billionare.

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