DOOM – Rap Ambush x Yessir f. Raekwon

One of the main reasons I was looking forward to DOOM’s upcoming album, BORN LIKE THIS, was the Raekwon feature. But after listening to it, I was left a bit… lost? No DOOM verbiage? Not cool! Since he was MIA, I also included a bonus, which features the masked villain rockin’ his typical rap antics.

DOWNLOAD: DOOM – Yessir f. Raekwon*
BONUS: DOOM – Rap Ambush

*Labels are mad, even though this record has been out for over a year. *shrugs…


~ by Shake on March 16, 2009.

10 Responses to “DOOM – Rap Ambush x Yessir f. Raekwon”

  1. yathuuuuuuuuuuR!

  2. good tracks, rea goes good

  3. It’s crazy to see how far this dude has come and that he is still maintaining his craft. A lot of artists, after 10 years, would’ve changed their style up but DOOM is still the same dude I heard on “Rhymes Like Dimes”.

    I’ve always felt kind of left out with the fact that I didn’t get to see a lot of my favourite artists grow from their first album onwards (i.e. Nas, Common, Rakim, etc) but I’m grateful that I’ve been able to sort of live through MF’s longevity.

    To go from having people just blend your shit with Ghostface’s then actually get on tracks with the dude is simply amazing, and now that Thom Yorke is collaborating on a track with him is just plain ridiculous. Just goes to show you don’t need to blow up into something astronomical to get recognition from the very best

  4. that rae shit is old, too. i grabbed an Mp3 of Rae’s entitled “UFO Freestyle” that was this very cut. im guessing doom produced it…?

  5. […] the rest here: DOOM – Rap Ambush x Yessir f. Raekwon Tags: $hamrock, 88-keys, chinatown wars, digiwaxx, doom, Downloads, dr. dre, Hip Hop, rap ambush, […]

  6. Shake is that really the final version of “Yessir”? I don’t understand why DOOM wouldn’t rap over his own track. And looking at the lengths of all the songs that have leaked so far, BORN LIKE THIS is looking like it’s gonna clock out at about 30-40 minutes. Color me disappointed.

  7. its teh legit leak. doom tracks are usually short.

  8. what beat is that rae’s rappin over???…originally i mean…..dope track….could have done without the skit at the end…

  9. It’s not the first time Doom hasn’t rapped over his own track, he didn’t drop any lines over “Guinesses” on Mm..Food

  10. the production on the Rae track is hot.
    yo Shake I peeped the leak of the album, is there a track with Slug? I think its called Supervillainous.

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