Fashawn – Streets Of Fresno

Dig this rehash of Rakim’s “Juice (Know The Ledge)” Fashawn did back in ’05 when he was 16. Props to Hecktik.

DOWNLOAD: Fashawn – Streets Of Fresno


~ by Meka on March 16, 2009.

12 Responses to “Fashawn – Streets Of Fresno”

  1. damn, I’m older than FACE? He did his thing on this.

  2. i was 16 in 05 haha

  3. im feelin this track

  4. This is sick! I need more music from this cat. Currently all I have is the Higher Learning mixtape.

  5. DAMN. what did this come out on?

  6. Shake or Meka i was wondering do yall know where i can get Fashawns other mixtapes Grizzly City 2 and The Phenom Vol.2

  7. word… he also has a video for this at

  8. man ive slept on hommie waaaaaay 2 long…i knew he was ill when i heard that Day n Nite mix he did but i still havent tried 2 listen 2 more of his shit…im slummin lol

  9. how many tapes has he dropped? i thought he just had higher learning and one shot one kill.

  10. Fash has about 6 solo mixtapes… Grizzly City 1 & 2, Phenom 1 & 2, One Shot One Kill, and most recently Higher Learning… That’s not including his work from when he was ages 13 & 14 with his group Section 8… He got more work in then most these cats that claim they really be grindin’… And he started at 12… lol.

  11. Also, I’d advice the wise to look out for the album BMW and everything else he drop in 09’… He seems to get better every track…

  12. This is the song that introduced me to Fash…thanks for giving this dude some shine. I know you can find his older mixtapes at FTK Fresno, don’t know if they’re available online anywhere.

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