Jaysaun Talks Joe Budden Beef (Video)

The actual video title says Hoe Budden, but come on now? Smh… as dope as I think Jaysaun is, this whole thing gets thrown in the “who the fuck cares” bin. Especially when there was really no reason to get up set in the first place. I’m just glad, there won’t be a diss track like there was rumored to be.


~ by Shake on March 16, 2009.

14 Responses to “Jaysaun Talks Joe Budden Beef (Video)”

  1. uh…..huh….

  2. […] here to read the rest: Jaysaun Talks Joe Budden Beef (Video) Tags: 2009, 88-keys, asher-roth, brand nubian, charles hamilton, digiwaxx, Hip Hop, hiphopdx, […]

  3. one second it’s “there are no problems”
    then you go and talk shit about budden
    fucking moron.
    i’m SO tired of this bullshit.
    i give up on trying to respond to any of these posts (actually if theres another one i probably will post some more bullshit)
    i personally think it’s funny to call out all these grown men cause they make NO fucking sense.
    or maybe it’s just me?

  4. “we dont believe you..you need more people”
    Dog we seen the video..budden ask everyone who wasnt with his party to “please exit stage left”..watt are you talking bout..fukin pussy if you was about something you would of done something..save the talk for the birds..

    btw..Is it just me or does any1 else hate when people say Joe Buddens? Theres no “s” fuking idiots

  5. i agree, the video was shown. if ppl from boston are butt on what budden said then wow. just like there sports teams…LOL.


  6. ^^ yeah that Buddens shit bothers me too.

    This whole shit is lame. Regardless of what you think about his music Joe Budden is a real nigga. I’ve have yet to find any “issue” where he wasn’t 100 about the whole thing all the way through. And by all means correct me if i’m wrong…

  7. he looks like a pudgy light-skinned’d version of Royce 5’9

  8. whos this nobody? smh

  9. I feel you Jerzy. That “s” shit irritates the FUCK outta me. How the fuck did Budden (no “s”) disrespect a whole town by saying “everyone that has nothing to do with Joe Budden or his set, off the stage?” Help me out with that one. RAOF post…haha…

  10. I’m just glad, there won’t be a diss track like there was rumored to be.

    Yeah because you know Jaysuan will expose and rip mr. pump it up a hole that he will never recover from

    DMV 2 the BEAN

    Special Teamz!

  11. Big Dick ——————) Joe Buddens mouth

  12. Haha Buddens is a fagget always been always will be haha

  13. Haha Buddens is a fagget always been always will be haha

    Unxpekted said this on March 17, 2009 at 12:06 pm
    ur the one talkin about dicks on tha blog… maybe ur the faggot

  14. Here comes fag #2 talking about dicks again like he always does.. Dead your life loser go listen to souljah boy fuckin prick


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