KiD CuDi to Retire?

In his latest blog, CuDi announced that he will be retiring from the game after he puts out his (first) album. I really don’t know what to say, but I never see the point of making a statement of this before it happens. Hov? The Game? Lupe? *shrugs… it always comes off as a pub stunt imo. Now I’m not in the music business that way so who the fuck am I to state my opinion. Oh yea… I’m a blogger, that’s what I do. Sounds like the game has gotten to him (check the blog for the full write up) and that’s understandable. Best of luck, you’ve made some good music…



~ by Shake on March 16, 2009.

85 Responses to “KiD CuDi to Retire?”

  1. interesting.. I kind of hope he doesn’t because the good songs he puts out are enjoyable.

  2. man this guy is being handed every opportunity in the world and hes crying already before his first release. hes got kanye west as his mentor a hit single and fans craving his album and hes just throwing it all away.

  3. Sigh. I’m getting tired of this dude and I haven’t even heard about a release date yet! Or another tight song from him yet!

  4. Hes wack juice anyway

  5. “man this guy is being handed every opportunity in the world and hes crying already before his first release. hes got kanye west as his mentor a hit single and fans craving his album and hes just throwing it all away.”

    my thoughts exactly.

  6. He ain’t going to retire he just got mad at what Wale and Budden said about him in the video and he’s moody.

  7. I don’t really like Cudi. Compared to the rest of the XXL cover he is weak.

  8. dumb.

  9. ^^^

    Truthful statements; even if he does retire off his 1st and only lp/ how is he expecting to sale?? He doesn’t have enough body of work to say something like this.

  10. Tell Kiddy Cuddler to man up.

  11. Really Cudi Really, If You Want To Remain Piss Poor Broke, Then What You Should Do Is Release It For Free, Really!


  13. I think he is serious, but will eventually see how much ppl appreciate him. Im hoping for an epiphany from Cudi!

  14. i hope he doesnt read this and get his feelings hurt.

    if the game his a highschool, hes the bitch that cries in the bathroom cus of some shit other girls were saying.

  15. lmao. Cudi got popular real fast and hes gonna retire? hahah.

    does he think the sun is gonna stop coming up or somethin?

    gtfo. retire then bitch. you aren’t a legend, you are the flavor of the month.


  16. He ain’t going to retire he just got mad at what Wale and Budden said about him in the video and he’s moody.


    Who cares what they say though? I take their opinions with a grain of salt…Cudi is catching feelings. He needs to man up and let his talent shine!

  17. who?

  18. yea well good luck with that one homie…..i mean i never understood the infatuation with this cat from the bloggers, day n nite is aight, but his mixtape is pretty wack overall…oh yea xxl’s lineup is pretty disappointing thus far, but the asher roth is gonna make money tho

  19. who?

    guess you don’t listen to much rap

  20. @yowaa.. well said

  21. By The Way Perfect Picture Choice It Really Sums It Up Well

  22. this dude is soft. he is being extremely selfish. he is living the dream. he said so himself. and he is giving it up because its not as easy in hollywood as they makes it seem? it’s not supposed to be. nothing in life is easy. you get endorsed, you shine, we love you, you wear reeboks, we scream your name, and repeat the lyrics to the songs you perform.. the ones we like at least. no we arent going to like your every song, your every move, nor your every thought.

    you mad because wale said something about you and you thought he was your friend so you’re going to go and go cry and commit suicide [on your career]? instability is not attractive. don’t be mad at wale, he had a opinion. which is allowed, especially in real ninja world. i am sure he said what he said because he genuinely cares [cared].

    cudi you have been wilding out lately. that blog post kind of proves it, ego is out the fucking roof. you got some best of mixtapes, so you’re the man? wow….

    i’m sure someone will talk to him and get him thinking clearly about exactly what he is saying. these young guys need publicists and media training. no one knows how to act anymore, and then they wonder why everyone is talking shit. yeah be you, be real. but keep a cool head at all times.

    honestly its probably better he retires, he is musically talented but as a rapper he sucks. he does appear to have character and emotion though, so maybe acting and being a little more behind the scenes will do him better. he better not play chip on the album though or i’m going to be extremely upset because… BITCH IM FROM CLEVELAND!

  23. p.s. somebody needs to go to my site, shoot me a email or something, and give me a job. i know how to play this game



  25. fuck off. you haven’t really done anything to warrant retirement.

  26. Cudi is a b1tch

  27. K-Os was the precursor to this. I remember he said he was only released EXIT! and then retiring, and since then he’s released 2 more albums.

    As far as Cudi goes though, big fucking deal. Honestly, he put out a single that got an internet buzz but not much else and he still doesn’t have a release date. Who cares?

  28. CuDi
    Man the fuck up. Seriously. Just because you had shit talked about you doesn’t mean you give up on making albums. Honestly, that would just be a waste of potential.

  29. this truth dude is speakin truth dude

  30. People talk, didn’t he realize that in high school…maybe got expelled too soon.

    Get over yourself. It’s better this way, you can weed out those who you can trust and those who you can’t.

  31. Fuck this nigga, one and done nigga.. this is why i dont listen to soft as cheese artists.. DIPSET!

  32. this is fucking stupid. how the hell you gonna “retire” before you’ve even done anything. get the fuck out of here. UPS is hiring.

  33. WEAK. Does dude even have a release date yet???

    He prolly just got stomped out for his J’s or got his chain snatched or some shit last night. Maybe Kanye stole the bald girl Cudi was tryin to push up on.

    Either way, this is some soft shit. Like Young Chris said, “Overnight Success turn to One Hit Wonders.”

  34. This would be like tyler hansbrough announcing his retirement from the NBA after his rookie year.

    Nobody cares,you wasn’t gonna be sh!t in the league anyway.

  35. wow @ all these people hatin on him now


  36. ^^^Big J
    lets not go that far lol Tyler is nice and we know he got skill
    this mofo (cudi) is “OK” nothing great, simply diff and i wouldnt call him a rapper… but at the same time he got fans…
    its really selfish …to just quit or pull a stunt like this

    but if hes tryna to do some “pub stunt” liek shake said… than he simply knows that he wont sale alot so he doin dumb selfish acts to push his shit…


  37. yall niggas is isnt everything..yall think yall can handle fame from your computers at happened to kurt kobain happened to barry sanders..yall need to grow up..big said it best..more money more problems

  38. read everyone’s comments and my response… i like his songs. it would suck to not have anymore kid cudi songs imo but who am i to say. i’m not him and not going through whatever he’s going through so yea.

  39. kurt cobain, barry sanders, and kid cudi.

    tell me which name doesnt fit.

  40. dude needs buzz…

  41. i went back and watched the budden and wale video and wale was like “its a different cudi now”.. is that what got him hurt?

  42. Now Big Sean is gonna get the attention he deserves!

  43. i went back and watched the budden and wale video and wale was like “its a different cudi now”.. is that what got him hurt?

    owwwwwwww said this on March 16, 2009 at 12:47 pm

    yooo thats the same shit i was thinkin about… is he that sensitive… i mean if you changed…yeah they gonna speak on it lol
    but yeah he might be that sensitive

  44. Other than Day n Night, WTF has Cudi done. Other than rhythmicly challenged rap/singing about how “different” he is. At some point you have to stop saying you are different and just be different. He was a wack dude that lucked up and made a good song. I bet he changes us mind

  45. I just started really listening to dude last week. Other than Day N Nite, I like Maui Wowie. That’s my shit, I bump that. But, ain’t reason to compare him to greats like Kurt, Barry, Jay-Z, etc. We’ll see what the album is like, and maybe he’ll sell enough to make him want to stay in the game. It’s really no one’s fault that Wale is his “only real friend” in the industry & that he only hangs wit Pat & Emile. That’s on him. I would stay to myself too. You should have less problems that way. That’s what I don’t understand. His thinking is ass backwards. He don’t wanna be around a lot of people. But, he cares what is said by other people. If you so different, then show it.

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  47. soft! his tru colours are finally showin…its funny tho cuz hamilton has twice as many haters n we aint botherin him haha and dats big statement cuz in my eyes cudi eats hamilton

  48. Cudder get your emotions in check man and get tough…and stop smoking so much weed, that shit can depress you!

  49. good.

  50. whats up with all you people talking mad stuff about kid cudi this dude is a beast n i hope he doesnt retire lol he is the best up n coming rapper out there n wale is a hater just because he hasnt gotten no airplay on radios n stuff he has to talk his crap

  51. For not caring about the dude at all, you computer geeks sure have a lot to say.

    Costs you nothin’, pay me no mind.

    Same applies to this post, before you catch feelins on that.

  52. This whole situation is so crazy I hope he rethinks this

  53. Cant a man drunk blog every once in a while? lma… For all we know it could be a misunderstanding.

  54. cudi is the truth and i sincerely hope that this blows over.
    and btw all you haters are LAME gtfoh.

  55. nice pointless shot MKsince83…nothin better than a dude posting on a blog calling other posters computer nerds…

    personally i find it funny when the hype train boosts a new artist just because his sound is “different” and then sometimes they disappoint. i just find the new crop of rappers/hipsters/etc are getting killed by their hype, asher roth is gonna succeed because of certain reasons, but charles hamilton and cudi i dont see doing much. a “different” sound doesnt mean talent

  56. and please, please remove “hater” from the dictionary….because a dude aint feeling an artist u fuck with dont make them a hater…..different strokes homie

  57. I downloaded his mixtape a couple of days ago to see thru the hype that he was given, truth be told I did it cuz I liked sky might fall..he is different in a good way I guess..I mean it’s on him I think he’s going to think it through and not rush his judgment like that, but that’s just me.

  58. as a fan of cudi’s music, i think this sucks cus i was definitely looking forward to hearing a lot more than one album & one mixtape from the man. aside from his music, his ego is at a stupid high level. really cudi? you thought all the money clothes & hoes came without a price?? the average person knows it comes with a heavy price tag. haha, like everyone is saying…he should man the fuck up. but if he’s not built for it, i suppose it’s best he finds out before he’s too deep in it.

  59. Good riddance.

  60. c/s chris…
    how is cudi a Beast exactly?

  61. to c47 wale and buddens said they like him so why would he be moody

  62. And, most comments ain’t about his music, it’s about his character flaws which ain’t hating when it’s the truth.

  63. uzi U DONT THINK CUDI IS A BEAST??? MAN KID CUDI GOES HARD NO NOMO LOL IN EVERY TRACK!!! n he is unique n different which i like plus he speaks the truth and there are so many fake ass artist out there like soulja boy for instance

  64. yeah please explain how kid cudi is a beast lol

  65. Why are yall bitchin about all of this.. if you don’t like him, then you shouldn’t give a fuck about this news and ignore it like yall ignore a lot of other talented dudes posted on 2DBZ.
    Also I’m pretty sure he didn’t make this decision overnight after seeing the Wale and Budden vid, there’s probably some other shit going on in his life that yall internet soldiers don’t know about..

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  67. Damn yo, that shit puts a somewhat fear in the up & comers like myself, but you’d Kanye, his mentor would tell him how to get thru shit like that, seeing that Ye has been thru a number of probs like that.

  68. I am sure Cudi is saying this to see if his fans actually care about him. Cudi has fans and I can understand why Cudi doesnt want to be in the Industry alot of pressure for sure. He will like all of us have to work no matter what. He got a taste at fame and he didnt like the taste. Everyone doesnt have the same taste buds.

  69. guess you don’t listen to much rap


    nah, just dont follow him

  70. Cudi is overrated.

  71. What did Wale say and who cares?

    Cudi was overrated to begin with.

  72. ummmmm…..who is this guy again?

  73. Watchin’ that Wale vid, and the comment he said, makes me think Cudi is TOO sensitive… I hope Cudi doesn’t mean what he’s sayin’ though cause’ I seriously think he could be the next best thing.


    Meaning – he can make more money than he ever could working a 9-5 for 20 years after one album + feature + shows/tours.

    Cant blame the man

  75. cudi rhymes are basic as hell…most dudes only feel him cuz of his beats and the swagger bullshit..

  76. seems moody, probably listen to the bloggers and there comments, shits getting to him already. I really don’t know what happens behind the curtains but i know its allot better than being broke. if you crave the limelite then you would never care about what people think because you would have prepared for it =]


  78. damn it looks like kanye has influenced him in more ways than music. stop being a dramatic bitch cudi. for some reason you have blown up and are on your way to becoming a big name without really doing anything. this is just disrespectful to everyone out there who has to earn a living and stuggle to make it. nobody feels sorry for you because you got it so much easier than anyone of us. so stfu and make music or fade into reality. and if you back out of this punk ass statement (which of course you will) then i hope you lose a lot of fans. and i laughed when i read that you feel youve been “given this amazing gift”. trust me and everyone else on here, youre not that good.

  79. what bun b interview are yall talkin bout?

  80. what does kanye be doing to his boys? he rubs that crying mentality on them, they always gotta have it there way

  81. At least Kanye has a career to back up his bitching, Cudi hasn’t done shit, and he acts like he’s experienced so many hardships in the music industry. Not only that but he is throwing away an opportunity most upcoming artists only dream of having, having Kanye as a mentor, and having a fairly big fan base for someone who hasn’t dropped an album.

    But then again who am I to judge

  82. Oh and its good to see G-Roc on a post that doesn’t involve him sucking 50’s dick. At least not directly.

  83. cudi can’t stop. hes gotta be a man. bein a man is a lonely buisness so he better get used to it and KEEP PUSHIN!!!!!

  84. This is pathetic at best… retire? lol

  85. Jay-Z said it best niggas
    “Truth be told I had more fun when I was piss poor
    I’m pissed off, and this success song is about
    a bunch a niggas acting like bitches with big mouths
    All this stress, all I got is this big house
    Couple of cars, I don’t bring half of them shits out”

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