Loud Favorites – Scram Jones pt.2 (Video)

The interview portion of Scram Jones’ Loud Favorites segment is here. Check the clip as Jon Master chops it up with Scram about working with Mariah; underground vs mainstream; not cosigning new artists; why he’d work with Nas, Jacko & Billy Joel; and how his diversity has proven to be his biggest strength. What up Mr. Public!?

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~ by Shake on March 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “Loud Favorites – Scram Jones pt.2 (Video)”

  1. […] is the original:  Loud Favorites – Scram Jones pt.2 (Video) Tags: (2)Dope, Albums, ant, charles hamilton, cocoa saraii, convinced, cunninlynguists, don’t […]

  2. Any artist, dead or alive. . . . .I want to hear Tupac, Biggie with Stevie Wonder on the hook.. .produced by Dre (or Focus).

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