Random Acts Of Fuckery: Patrick Chewing Edition

Yo, every time I see this commercial I can’t stop laughing my ass of. And the damn thing still makes no sense to me.


~ by Meka on March 16, 2009.

28 Responses to “Random Acts Of Fuckery: Patrick Chewing Edition”

  1. lllol

  2. fucks wrong wit patricks twisted crooked hairline?

  3. i also saw a “Master P”-eanut Snickers commercial yesterday that was jus kinda weird 2 lol

  4. here it is…

  5. same here, but for some reason these joints are classic….snickers and skittles got the best candy commericals

  6. Tags: john starks banging on 3 bulls = best. dunk. ever., snickers isn’t THAT great… i’m fucking lying. snickers is crack., youtube


  7. I nominate the whole Gucci Mane/Mya as Random Acts of Fuckery….


  8. lmao just saw the mya and gucci pics….got damn…hangs self on mouse cord

  9. need his oldschool nike kicks

  10. Tags: john starks banging on 3 bulls = best. dunk. ever., snickers isn’t THAT great… i’m fucking lying. snickers is crack., youtube

    as a bull fan.. I dont think it can get more exhilarating than that

  11. wats up Brian?… *dribbles* ARRRRRRGGGGGGGGGG!!!!


  12. Complete F@#$ery at its finest….LMAO

  13. LOL I watched this for the first time, in a room full of people watching it for the first time. Hilarity ensued.

  14. And that’s not his real hair. If you’ve seen Pat lately, he’s got it cut low. God knows why they made him wear that shit for the commercial.

  15. Mya & Gucci????????
    Say it Ain’t so!!!!!!!

  16. […] the original here:  Random Acts Of Fuckery: Patrick Chewing Edition Tags: 88-keys, ali, ant, apple juice kid, atlanta, birthday, birthday sex, brooke, camp lo, […]

  17. btw, I don’t if ya’ll seen the alleged Crooked I shooting from a few weeks back but I just saw on youtube right now. get it while its hot….

  18. Who In The Fuck Opens Their Snickers Like That

  19. i pretty much cried when i first saw this

    ^^ and i agree… who the hell opens any candy like that?? he just ripped it perfectly, too

  20. word! the first time i saw this was during the syracuse/uconn epic. And it came right on the heels of the Master P commercial. “It was late… I was trippin'” I didn’t even know ewing sounded like that…

  21. this is honestly one of the funniest commercials i have ever seen haha

  22. Ha ha ha ha Lol he said ooops!

  23. ha ha ha…did you guys listen to the Ahhhhh!!! LMAO

  24. oooppps?

  25. Best dialog in Commercial history, love it!

  26. I don’t know why, but I want to get dunked on by Patrick Chewing….

  27. This dudes voice is all crackin and stuff



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