Anybody Can Be On XV’s Everybody’s Nobody (A (2)Dope Contest)

And now, a word from XV:

The whole concept behind Everybody’s Nobody came from me reaching out to work with many of my peers and up and coming artists, and getting doors slammed in my face. Not literal doors, but like the AOL door when somebody logs off. LOL. So, I decided to change it up and let the up and coming artists that are where I was 2-3 years ago, have the opportunity to feature on MY project, Everybody’s Nobody.

So, if you think you can “KICK IT!”. Download my new joint, Bruce Lee. There is already an open 16-bar verse ready for you to lace! Record your verse, and send the finished song to FLYBORGTRACKS@GMAIL.COM. Seven and I will then choose the artist who not only spit the CRAZZZIEST 16 bars, but also fit the song well, AND had decent recording quality.

And for the artists that don’t make the cut, don’t worry. If you kicked it like Bruce Lee, and went the %@#& in! I will be featuring chosen Bruce Lee freestyles on my official blog

DOWNLOAD: XV- Bruce Lee (prod. Seven) | Mediafire


~ by Meka on March 16, 2009.

63 Responses to “Anybody Can Be On XV’s Everybody’s Nobody (A (2)Dope Contest)”

  1. i appreciate stuff like this

  2. I just wish the damn tape would come out already, or they at least put up some new vlogs about The Kid With The Green Backpack.

  3. *ahem* XV:

  4. already submitted…take a listen @

  5. […] […]

  6. will spread the word

  7. […] from:  Anybody Can Be On XV’s Everybody’s Nobody (A (2)Dope Contest) Tags: $hamrock, (2)Dope, 2009, ali, ant, bestofbothoffices, bruce lee, capone-n-noreaga, detroit, […]

  8. Biting T-Pain I see

  9. Yo Shake, I’m down, but I don’t know how to get the shit to you. This’ll be my first attempt, so could you give me a heads up on puttin on? Or anyone, for that matter?

  10. Good luck to everyone!

  11. haha I was actually JUST thinkin bout bruce lee today too, so naturally have to drop lol. I like the feel to the track. the only thing that kinda takes away from it is the lack of actual bruce lee references

  12. Send the tracks to And the song doesn’t have BRUCE LEE references, simply MARTIAL ARTS references. But good luck to all of those who submit. We’ve got some CRAAAAAZZZYYY ones so far. Deadline is March 26th.

  13. …right after the yancey boys tracks. is there a deadline posted somewhere?

  14. sounds good. im def gonna get at this tomorrow tho

  15. ill track.

  16. yo peep tha verse i dropped

  17. just dropped a verse yall i need some feedback seriously let me kno….

  18. ^^^

    the dude clas def layed some dope rhymes down.

  19. on the real…with the couple submitted in the comments…Clas wins hands down.

  20. @Clas.


  21. Its on! Good lookin out for the info.

  22. and heres my drop.
    feedback is appreciated

  23. @Jae…

    Yo was you tryna diss my joint?

    Me: “annihilate ’em wit my musical one inch punch”
    You: “and your one inch punchlines ain’t keepin up”

    whats tha deal?!

  24. lmao naw i aint even hear your joint yet.
    I just used to be a big bruce lee head

  25. thats wusup…
    yea its a trip
    our two joints got some similarities…
    ima bruce lee head too…
    so i guess it was bound 2

  26. haha i geuss so

  27. whats good wit it tho man
    im feelin that flow…
    you got myspace?
    go head an look me up…

  28. thanks

  29. XV bringin’ MC’s together…it’s beautiful isn’t it? LOL. Dope.

  30. haha nice. good job my dude


  32. Check my shit out. I tried to really stick to the topic of karate and bruce lee and shit like that. I like it lol….

    XV ft. Revalation – Bruce Lee:

  33. i finished my version also

    i hope yall like it

  34. I think REV had the best verse, dope shit fam.

  35. Thanks Advakit I appreciate that homie.

  36. Rev or Clas…definitely had the best verses AND stuck with the concepts

    by the way im starting an up and coming blog for artists like you guys to help spread the music that you guys create, and you can help spread the word about sound society. So if your an artist/producer/whatever hit me up @


  37. This guy is sick, it’s crazy that I only have him on one track in my pod

  38. By the way the homie Clas was nice on that


  40. Arke here !

    laced the track with my verse !! constructive criticism is always welcome !

    i also recorded another verse after just for the hell of it. check it out too !!

    song with ev

    random verse

  41. XV*

    too similar to dj ev’s name 😛

  42. XV-Bruce Lee Ft. Corey Jay

  43. yo Rev killed it man he’s a beast check him out


  45. clas was the best one

  46. i know yall heard my boi corey’s bars!!!

  47. should I enter?…………

  48. thanks for the love on here… anybody kno when the contest end and where the results will be posted yo?

  49. quest, why not……

  50. I recorded my verse, bout 1 week ago. Hopin yah can give it a listen and sum feedback. =X


  51. Kansas to Moscow I be kickin till my legs is swollen

    XV f. Finanshall – Bruce Lee (prod. by Seven)

  52. yo QuESt enter that contest.

  53. Thanks for the love folks. I appreciate it. Good work to everyone else that dropped verses as well. Can’t wait to see who wins.

  54. Dah, why not….

  55. when the deadline?

  56. I hope this aint over cuz i got a dope verse i’m gonna post after I’m done class at 4

  57. I wanna hear Quest lol

  58. submitted my verse

  59. dang, i wanna do something
    no way i’ll get a chance to record in time,

    big ups to whoever wins/participated
    and of course vizzy

  60. My Entry Tell Me What Yall think.

    Gp aka Backpack p

  61. This is how it’s done dopeboyz

  62. just recorded and sent mine, let me know what you think

  63. Check out my Version XV FEATURING ERA – BRUCE LEE powwwww! go to 4 more.

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