B.o.B Bobby Ray – Ghost In a Machine

If B.o.B’s recent name change means more music, than so be it! Three new joints from Bobby in a span of 24 hours? No complaints from Shake. Shouts to Dre for this one.

DOWNLOAD: B.o.B Bobby Ray – Ghost In a Machine


~ by Shake on March 17, 2009.

18 Responses to “B.o.B Bobby Ray – Ghost In a Machine”

  1. This is dope. I’m with this guy whatever angle he decides to go. He’s that good.

  2. his shit is jus dope…damn

  3. yea…bring back b.o.b

  4. He can change his name as many times as he wants, to whatever the fuck he wants, as long as he keep puttin out good shit, i’m down.

  5. damn, so very dope.

  6. wonder if I will ever stop calling him b.o.b. but damn can he be dope

  7. […] post:  B.o.B Bobby Ray – Ghost In a Machine Tags: (2)Dope, ali, asher-roth, brooke, Classified, contest, curren$y, dj scoob […]

  8. this dude is so fuckin dope

  9. Cosign every positive message

  10. b.o.b is dope as fuck.
    can’t wait for his album.

  11. im down with this shit, B.O.B. was fuckin dope though both good in their own way… as long as he stays off the autotune kanye bullshit

  12. So this nigga gave up trying to be Andre3000 and now wants to be Cee-Lo?

  13. This needs to become like, the new A Milli. Dope as fuck.

  14. Bob in my opion is the best rapper on grand hustle next to ti

  15. i cant stop fuckin with this dude…crack

  16. I like B.o.B, Bobby Ray or whatever as much as the next guy, like this track too but am I the only one who thinks it sounds like the next Rihanna hit? Completely unrelated to Rihanna in recent news…

  17. oh shit anybody kno where i can get this shit now???was this supposed 2 be on the album or sumthing?

  18. after listening to this another 20 or so times i think this might be the very best noise i ever put into my ears.

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