Crooked I – I’m Still a MC (prod. Komplex)

Ahh shit. I just got back to my computer after an hour or so lunch and what do I see? The first leak off Crooked I’s upcoming album, B.O.S.S. (which I believe is coming as a free download). Kompo on the beat!

DOWNLOAD: Crooked I – I’m Still a MC (prod. Komplex) | Mediafire


~ by Shake on March 17, 2009.

24 Responses to “Crooked I – I’m Still a MC (prod. Komplex)”

  1. OMG !!!!!


    this shit is fuckin FIREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    C.O.B man

  2. Slaughtering the game… fiyah

  3. eh this is ok..nothing special about it

  4. I assume he’s never gonna drop a retail album. What’s with all these street albums and digital only albums? Put some shit in the stores Crook!

  5. Good gracious… Crook just put the whole industry on blast.

  6. WHOAAA !!!!

  7. I hope Hip Hop weekly comes back like he said it will.

  8. Beat is wack, too much craziness going on but Crooked as usual comes with the heat for lyrics.

    Stop bitchign about free music. What’s the point in putting out a cd if it cost more money to get on a shelf then he’d be earning?

  9. Man, I really hope Crooked does end up dropping a retail album instead of a free download. I would cop it for sure.

  10. ” I still get karrine steffans in your girls car” whoo crooked is a god damn beast
    That B.O.S.S album is gonna be so something serious if it ever drops
    Fuck u haters! Real niggas keep it wavy

  11. 6.5/10

    Beat isn’t as dope as the spit

  12. The beat is wack but DAMN Crook can spit like crazy.

  13. i think the beats dope as hell but yea i think we all agree that crooked spits flames as usual

  14. Cats be talking too much bullshit and looking to bitch about something. Beat is different to all the watered down bullshit out there and it knocks hard, Crook is crazy with the flow and the beat keeps the pace going what the fuck you dudes know about that shit!


    Go Get’em Crook!

  15. this is the perfect track to bump in the whip my niggas…fresh ass beat with crooked on those hot bars as usual

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  17. Damn this track is dope, beat goes hard and Crooked goes harder.

  18. i thought crook was gonna change his style and make “life” music?

  19. I’m almost more excited for B.O.S.S. than I am for OBCL2.

  20. classic.

  21. Too much going on in the beat?? Someone needs to listen to it again. That isn’t anything compared to what you get on DJ Khaled beats. This is laid back compared to those.

  22. god damnit this si good, da best!

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