Joe Budden & Saigon Discuss Beef (Audio)

While Saigon was on Shade45’s Lip Service with Angela Yee & Leah Rose, Joey calls up and they talk about them squashing their beef. Link swooped from eskay. All In a Day’s Work is available now, be sure to cop that!

DOWNLOAD: Joe Budden & Saigon Discuss Beef


~ by Shake on March 17, 2009.

15 Responses to “Joe Budden & Saigon Discuss Beef (Audio)”

  1. “Are You In A Bathroom” Hilarious

  2. Saigon>Buttons

  3. lol unxpekted was waiting for this one.

    but yea they already said what they knew was going to happen in the comments on the net, lets see if they right.

  4. just copped All In A Day’s Work, thanks for the link. Also just to stir up some shit, I didn’t get Padded Bra.

  5. How awesome is it that Budden & Saigon can actually talk like two men calmly and jokingly. They both took it as hip-hop and kept it moving.

  6. props to them.
    and this MIGHT sound fucked up but, i sharebee’d the new Sai, haha.
    gotta hear what im payin for first.

  7. New Saigon is flames!

    To Be Told…
    The Rules
    Lady Sings The Blues
    The Reason

    Yeahhh Boiii!!!!

  8. Saigon will deny this conversation ever happened next week.

  9. Tone, this is Saigon, not Game

  10. Chiko, those probly are the 4 dopest songs on the album

  11. i Just cop all in a day’s work it hot so far im track 4 my crew

  12. […] more: Joe Budden & Saigon Discuss Beef (Audio) Tags: 2009, 50 cent, 88-keys, all-star, amazing, ant, asher-roth, brand nubian, brooke, contest, […]

  13. can you say publicity stunt? and promotion for both of their albums which just dropped. they both dope but still.. smh

  14. Chris Brown That bitch! hahaha
    They always say there is waiting period for making fun of touchy situations, I guess its over and a new term is coined.

  15. A good look for both…now lets get him on a Slaughterhouse track!!!

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