JoeBuddenTV: Meet Me In the Creep Inn (Video)

Joey & Tahiry “discuss” creeping on your lady/man. Joey found it hilarious, Tahiry didn’t.


~ by Shake on March 17, 2009.

23 Responses to “JoeBuddenTV: Meet Me In the Creep Inn (Video)”

  1. EWWWWWWWWW caught em

  2. late.

  3. LMAO fool



  6. “shes onto us jessica” i fuckin lol’ed

  7. lol… he couldve just said whos phone it was. wouldve saved a shit load of time.

  8. “jessica shes onto us” lololol Priceless

  9. well…

    tahiry will be single soon….

    everything is going as planned…

    she can now date a richer artist in the game…


  10. ^^this nigga uhh makes it a personal mission to post “late” on everything

    as far as the video… shit was funny

  11. I hate when girls do that. They let their insecurities make them inconsolable

  12. Damn! even joey bumpin that drake.

  13. i see joey bumpin dat drake… he kno wut it is

  14. dat accent killed me lmao “baybay iz dey ay phoone in dey ca”

  15. LOLLL

    the ending was hilarious

  16. This might be random but as sad as it is to say…I’ve been a Joe Budden fan for about 2 years now but his life seems so straight…he’s got his deal he’s collabin with other artists…any true Joe Budden fan knows that his best music comes when he’s got some shit goin on in his life….I love the fact thats hes straight now I just hope hes got some good music in the future

  17. ^ so he has to be miserable to make you happy?

    that’s not the business.

  18. LMFAO ^
    this nigga is hilarious.

  19. That was hilarious! She seems pretty quick to think the worst. Of course, her dude’s famous, so he probably has a lot more opportunity to cheat with minimal effort than your average guy does.

  20. if he was smart he would wifey her up…on the real.

  21. Shit was super jokes

  22. wait…niggas still posting “late”??????


    I laugh everytime they make these vids…they really are too funny.

  23. a whole creep phone? damn…somebody has experience…lol at joe and tahiry

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