Murs – Me and This Jawn (Video)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I heard there was some wild things that went down off camera when Murs was on Shade45’s Lip Service with adult film stars Roxy Reynolds and Candace Von. Looks like they had a good time as Roxy is now the starring lady in Murs’ latest video off Murs For President. Shouts to HipHopDX on the premier!


~ by Shake on March 17, 2009.

11 Responses to “Murs – Me and This Jawn (Video)”

  1. see, all that trying to make porn stars look all respectable, and shit…

    just kidding. damn, he got roxy for this… murs got this off…

  2. i was tempted 2 say some negative sh!t like “why this nigga lovin that hoe” she done had her lips on mad wood” but at the same time that bitch prolly got some g00d ass uterus lmfao i cant hate get yours Murs evry bitch was a hoe a 1 point n they life but only the smarts 1s get rich from bein 1 shouts 2 roxy 2

  3. Murs has a wifey that he loves. awww.

    On a serious note: I need that Lark On My Go-Cart track in my life right now. Anybody got a link?

  4. I like Roxy… I love how they found a way to work a sex scene or 2 in there… Classic… LOL…

  5. OH NOES! He kissed her.

    I’d have trouble kissing a porn star. Granted, alot of girls give head now at days, but it’s not like I’m sure of it. Whereas with Roxy, we’ve seen mad dudes skeet on her face.

    Just a bit gross. The vid is cool tho, I’m just sayin…

  6. Toothbrushes and soap guys…

  7. You wouldn’t even think she was a porn star if you just looked at this video and didn’t know her background. She just looks like a cute video girl. Porn stars are people too!

  8. Toothbrushes and soap guys…
    …my sentiments exactly.

    -good video.

  9. It’s crazy how you can tell who’s young on these comment boxes. Question: If you wouldn’t kiss a girl that has given the next man head, why do you kiss your mother? Maybe because it’s just your unborn siblings that were in her mouth. You’re just showing love to ya brothers and sisters. I’m sure everyone’s mother has a history. Think of all the times she has kissed you. Graduation, prom, just to say goodnight, etc.

  10. […] we had MURS banging Roxy Reynolds, now J-Ronin talks about twisting out Italia Blue. If it’s that easy, I’ma need to […]

  11. […] we had MURS banging Roxy Reynolds, now J-Ronin talks about twisting out Italia Blue. If it’s that easy, I’ma need to […]

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