Nero – Angie On My Go-Kart

Well… that didn’t take long. Nero is on his grind! Less than 16 hours after the latest leak from Asher’s upcoming album (Asleep in the Bread Aisle, 4/20) hit the internets, dude is already remaking it. Ditching Lisa for his own significant other. Random sideshot: M Will the Shogun‘s Journey Through Space & Time coming soon. WaveClubNewYork!

DOWNLOAD: Nero – Angie On My Go-Kart | Mediafire


~ by Shake on March 17, 2009.

7 Responses to “Nero – Angie On My Go-Kart”

  1. this is pretty nice
    he’d be good on an official remix

  2. this guy aint half bad… i like

  3. nero been on his shit lately. this nigga never stop working…this shit is nice

  4. […] the original:  Nero – Angie On My Go-Kart Tags: 2009, 50 cent, ali, ant, asher-roth, brooke, convinced, dj khalil, dj scoob doo, Downloads, […]

  5. better one of all of them

  6. he ripped it as usual

  7. thisi s mad good

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