Rick Ross – Jumpin’ Out the Window Freestyle (Video)

Smh… at putting the Curtis clip at the end. That did nothing for the numerous L’s you’ve already taken in this Ricky. That being said… Deeper Than Rap drops April 7th. Sure to be a great album.


~ by Shake on March 17, 2009.

11 Responses to “Rick Ross – Jumpin’ Out the Window Freestyle (Video)”

  1. that boy hard, no facade

  2. Lol… ugly fat ricky lost ever since trick daddy recognized him

  3. lol @ 50 part, that doesn’t mean nothing, he decided to go @ fif after that.

  4. you jokin about that last bit? ross is getting punked, but he’s music sure has gotten better (even if it’s all fake)

  5. we all rag on ross for being fake (which I have no problem with), but how many current artists rappin about gangsta shit really do gangsta shit? Not many, just so happens ross got called out for it. Kinda unfortunate for him because someone like Plies is just as phony but hes got no history to tell us otherwise.

    **btw Plies is a total disgrace to hip hop, as is jenny jones

  6. why this fat f&$k never have a shirt on

  7. Somebody has to run up to him and give him a huge titty twister next time he takes his shirt off, just so maybe he’ll be afraid to take it off again

  8. besides da numerous body shot comments u faggs are leaving at least hes putting images of disrespect wit music unlike his gahbaage counterpart

  9. Please put a shirt on

  10. Rawr rawr, like a dungeon dragon?
    That’s a Busta Rhymes line. haha.


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