Jim Jones – Blow the Bank f. Oshy & Starr (Video)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Official video for Jones’ single off his upcoming album, Pray IV Reign, which drops March 24th. Wasn’t Jenny talking about this record being bigger than Ballin? You know you done fucked up right?


~ by Shake on March 18, 2009.

12 Responses to “Jim Jones – Blow the Bank f. Oshy & Starr (Video)”

  1. jesus h, what a horrendous chorus.

  2. lol, this is gonna bring him right back to where he was before ballin

  3. ew

  4. what a waste of a dope beat.

  5. lol he is one of the wackest artists ever to have a major label deal.
    soulja boy >> jim jones in ever way

    and jones used to actually be dope back in the diplomat days but he FELL THE FUCK OFF

  6. whoever gave him all that money thinking he was gonna be a big star after ballin, failed big time lol.

  7. (sigh) first Cam, now ten years later…Jim.

    honestly, the single would prob do better if we weren’t deep in the “recession”. He should shelve this puppy.

  8. ^^”chaseevy”
    woowwoww slow down son you speeding
    dnt eva in ur life put soulja boy and jim jones in the same sentence and I hate jimmy..but you cant tell me his verse off of kid cudi day n nite aint dope

  9. Land in London, we can spend euros.


    can’t front on the Juelz Santana cameo though. He’s one happy geezer, I’ll tell you that.

  10. jim is really garbage, damn. please give up and tell dash to get some help he must be addicted to crack to think that this bum is going anywhere.

  11. Corny @$$ video, but I’d say this is a better song than Ballin’. Not gonna be bigger though.


  12. Land in london, we can spend Euros…haha
    UK’s currency is british pounds.
    what a joke

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