Joell Ortiz & Royce Da 5’9″ Talk Slaughterhouse (Video)

1/2 of the Slaughter talk on the group. Two different interviews, but Culture VI splices them together for a nice little segment. From disagreements with Joe Budden, friendships within the crew, who drinks the most and more. Slaughterhouse XXL photoshoot coming soon!


~ by Shake on March 18, 2009.

12 Responses to “Joell Ortiz & Royce Da 5’9″ Talk Slaughterhouse (Video)”

  1. I damn near fell on the ground when Royce was saying how much he loves Patron. Fuckin hilarious.

  2. thats wassup

  3. they should get the cover

  4. […] here:  Joell Ortiz & Royce Da 5′9″ Talk Slaughterhouse (Video) Tags: 2dopeboyz, 9th wonder, ali, charles hamilton, copywrite, deeper than rap, diamond d, joell […]

  5. Yo Shake, you’re cool with Royce, right?
    Why don’t you make the artwork for the Bar Exam 3?
    That artwork for the Bar Exam 2 was TERRIBLE.(Banging ass mixtape, though.)

  6. Theres now weak links in this crew, theres no U-God LOL

  7. Royce always be sayin some funny shit.
    “Theres mother fuckas that work radio that thin they big shit.
    I will fuck one of them niggas up.” haha comedy.
    Sounds like somethin I’d say to feli fel that lame ass faggot.
    Homo needs to do radio somewhere on the south east, closer to akon and T-pain.
    This is the west coast we don’t suck main veins

  8. Worrrd. Fuck Felli Fel and Power 106 – and all radio in general.

  9. I concur with ST

  10. that song playing where joey is spitting sounds hot..anyone know what it is?

  11. wack MC’s

  12. whats the fuckin track they listenin to before the interviews begin!??! its sickkkkkkk!!!

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