Kyle Lucas – Hell On Earth Freestyle

I know people are still sleeping on Kyle, but that won’t stop the music from coming. Tunji knows what’s up, Big Boi knows what’s up, do you!? Here goes the first leak off his upcoming mixtape, It’s Always Sunny In Marietta (presented by your favorite dopeboyz on the intenets). The Purple Ribbon spitter goes in over one of my favorite Mobb Deep joints of all time. Vonnegutt up!

DOWNLOAD: Kyle Lucas – Hell On Earth Freestyle | Mediafire


~ by Shake on March 18, 2009.

21 Responses to “Kyle Lucas – Hell On Earth Freestyle”

  1. thats a sick title for the mixtape. always sunny is the best show ever

  2. yea…kyle is def that dude…

  3. i hate that type of flow. shit gets really annoying.

  4. kyles definitely on. its always sunny in marietta is gonna be sick.

  5. sick

  6. It’s weird. Sometimes I dig Kyle Lucas and sometimes I don’t. Like if I hear more than 3 songs from him in a row, I get tired of him. It’s not like he can’t rhyme, but there’s some unknown factor that has me on the fence about him. I do like this freestyle though.

  7. ….

  8. whens this shit gonna drop?

  9. […] it looks like Shake beat me by about an hour.  Check out 2dopeboyz, their always on top of all things hip-hop. Possibly related […]

  10. haha marietta, thats funny. reppin northside atl

  11. lol i feel u Wonderin…and i think that “unknown factor” you speak of is simply the fact that not everyone should do hip-hop, and when they do it anyway it sounds forced/corny/poser-ish like this kyle lucas clown….got halfway thru this and had to send it to the recycle bin where it belongs…”the nerve of these sheep want my verses for cheap” lmao..gtfo..sorry to say but this guy will never blow unless its on a dudes dick

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  13. TOSS

    eating all of these mics like they vicodins????? wtf

    Come on Shake this blog is falling off

    Art of Rhymes>2dopeboyz

    I love the blog man but whats next posting k-feds new material? This should be a r.a.o.f. post

  14. keep doin your thing homie. mad props!

  15. shits fire, if you dont like it “hate on my nuts” lol

  16. never really gave him a shot til now. gotta get used to his flow but overall that shit was hot. he’s got bars

  17. the more i read the comments on this site the more i wonder really who are some of these clowns with these outlandish opinions and distorted perceptions of whats poppin/hot and what is just flat out corny and wack…..alot of yall needa slap yaself

  18. If this is nice then you havnt heard emcees who spit like Black Thought and a bunch of lyrical cats in 95 to live instrumentation in a room full of blunt smoke, those were spitters

    This shit is just random freeverse it doesnt even make sense. I eat mocs like vicodins, come on man step your lyrics up.

  19. song is dope…always sunny should be pretty damn good….damn homie getting a lot of hate sent his way…sounds like someone is jealous…but hey thats just my “outlandish” opinion 🙂
    do ya thang lucas…keep em hating!

  20. im definitely feeling kyle lucas/ can’t wait till the mixtape drops.

  21. Super sick, his voice still sounds like something I wouldn’t like, but god damn the kid’s got lyrics.

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