Lloyd Banks – Truth Hurts

Another heater from Lloyd Banks, another premier from the dopeboyz. NMC!

DOWNLOAD: Lloyd Banks – Truth Hurts | Mediafire
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~ by Shake on March 18, 2009.

8 Responses to “Lloyd Banks – Truth Hurts”

  1. I fucks wit his music..but, this is just unbearable..I mean, I listened to it all the way through. And it’s just not gonna get any more play from me.

    Thanks for the premier though & all the others. Keep it up. Banks still on top

  2. i liked the emilio rojas flip on the sample better, but still an aight track

  3. What’s wrong with this track?

  4. Banks is fire, but like most of his freestyles, the sound quality is just plain weird. Like a cross between being flat and being underwater.

  5. this shit is dope… especially tha sample. GGGGG… YOU KNO!!! Da Unit…

  6. Damn this shit goes hard….banks back on that workout shit…they need to turn up his vocals on the mix tho.

  7. fuk all u haters always got something to say hes the hottest nigga on the streets its the plk

  8. 4real doe u hatin azz niggaz my nigga Bank$ sick strait like dat

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