Nickelus F – Bubble Lip (prod. FKI)

Yet another new joint from Nick Fury, produced by GFCNY’s FKI. Look out for that Heathen album dropping March 31st; and that Portishead mash-up LP, Rare, dropping in April. Oh… and Silverust’s Wall of Sound in May. Damn, dude stays working.

DOWNLOAD: Nickelus F – Bubble Lip (prod. FKI) | Mediafire
BONUS: Nickelus F – Nuts On A Biscuit Freestyle


~ by Shake on March 18, 2009.

8 Responses to “Nickelus F – Bubble Lip (prod. FKI)”

  1. You’re gonna tell me NO ONE has the lark on my go-kart shit??

  2. ^^?

  3. … Anyway

    Good lookin shake.

    As always.

  4. your guess is as good as mine, on that comment..but, anyways…the track is banging. Nick always make a beat sound right. He had several different flows in one song & it fits. Wordplay nice as usual.

  5. Sorry, i just realized that my post was out of context. I’ve been looking for that Asher Roth track for the last two days since I missed it when it was first posted. Every blog i’ve hit up doesn’t have it anymore.



    get it while it’s hot @ nahson


  8. i really started feeling silverust last month, the added bitch, i dunno if i like that

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