Rob Roy – Fur In My Cup (Video)

So my man Tunji shot this over earlier today with a simple message: “watch.”. It took me most of the day to do so, but I finally got around to it. I will say I’m not a huge fan of the music from the Jacksonville to Los Angeles transplant . I’ll have to hear some more to give a full opinion. I do want to say that Ethan Lader did his fucking thing on the directing tip. This shit is (visually) fresh!


~ by Shake on March 18, 2009.

22 Responses to “Rob Roy – Fur In My Cup (Video)”

  1. Big up Ethan!

  2. dude looks like obama…real talk…
    dope shit tho

  3. 1st off the video is dope. you were dead on about that. very enjoyable to watch. I can see how people would really enjoy this. Song took a bit of an odd turn at the chorus. But overall I enjoyed it.

  4. fur in ca(u)p !!! bumpin this shit~~~!!!!

  5. I fukkin loved this.

  6. I need a mixtape from this dude, i heard some of his shit on imeem…bananas

  7. Cornballs with no shirts and cornrolls from the south can make music like this so why cant this dude?

  8. if everybody would only not care so much how good or bad peoples music was…

  9. This shit was dope. Loved the end especially.

  10. i didnt really like the song when i first heard it, but his stuff grows on you.. video is dope..he should have made one for carmencita

  11. did y-o make a lil cameo in this at the end?

  12. dope directing.

  13. About fucking time you through some Rob Roy on your site…Oh yeah Im in this video…I got a little cameo in the back holla at your boy..hahha

  14. […] the original:  Rob Roy – Fur In My Cup (Video) Tags: 2009, 50 cent, ali, ant, asher-roth, boss, contest, digiwaxx, ethan lader, exclusive, fur in […]

  15. watched it 8 times already.


  16. straight up have to leave another comment SO stoked for this dude right now..hahah add my boy!

  17. straight up have to leave another comment SO stoked for this dude right now..hahah add my boy!

  18. rob roy is dope as hell. the joints on his myspace are just as good

  19. anyone know where to get carmencita or roller coaster baby by this dude? i couldn’t really find any of his music other than through his myspace

  20. Rollercoaster Baby

  21. Props to Rob Roy!

  22. This is a dope vid….visually stunning. The song is infectious…so either you like it or you don’t. It made me search for more Rob Roy…he’s different but very dope.

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