Stoupe – Transition Of Power f. M.O.P.

The Jedi Mind Tricks producer drops some heat with the Mash Out Posse off his upcoming long-player, Decalogue.

DOWNLOAD: Stoupe – Transition Of Power f. M.O.P. | Mediafire
BONUS: Stoupe – Allison James f. Slaine


~ by Meka on March 18, 2009.

14 Responses to “Stoupe – Transition Of Power f. M.O.P.”

  1. Album should be dope. MOP on Stoupe beats = success. I’m looking forward to the collab w/ Supastition the most.

  2. Stoupe’s up there with my favourite producer of all time: Buckwild.

  3. i’m lookin forward to the saigon collab and joell jawn too! album should be sick tho. wit only 10 tracks after almost 10 years of anticipation, every track better be fire! the track with Slaine didn’t sound too impressive, but hopefully it’ll be better than the snippet

  4. added the slaine assisted cut, which im feeling pretty tough.
    stoupe is a fucking animal on the boards.

  5. …late. haha, fuckin wit you. these dudes only tryin to ruffle your feathers, shake. just ignore em- everyone knows this sites the shit- thats why they/we keep on comin back. good look on the MOP track- its ashame cuz this album wont do any numbers and it will probably be better than 95% of anything else this year

  6. ^^^help the album the make numbers. Spread the word and make a purchase.
    Stoupe is a monster, his beats bang everytime. Can’t wait to hear some more tracks.

  7. Eeeeeeesh! How the fuck does Stoupe do it? Too damn talented

  8. fuck yeah, the most underrated producer in the game. can’t wait for his album

  9. thanks for the zshare links and non-trojan/sharebee links so I can grab this at home.

  10. […] is the original:  Stoupe – Transition Of Power f. M.O.P. Tags: 9th wonder, alchemist, bobby ray, consequence, convinced, curren$y, deeper than rap, dj […]

  11. Oh snap

    Mar 31st.

    Fuks yeh

  12. stoupe OWNING mainstream producers,is the tracklist out?

  13. apparently it is and no paz (but jus allah made

  14. Stoupe is easily in my top of 5! I consider some of his beats GODLIKE … he’s easily done some of my favourite beats in the game. FYI: Premier #1 … the most important man in hiphop!

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