Asher Roth – Lark On My Go-Kart (Video)

Vodpod videos no longer available. comes through with the premier of Asher’s new video. An animated run through of the intro off Asleep in the Bread Aisle. I must say, It’s good to see so many folks come around after this song leaked. I’ve been telling you and will continue to do so. Asher’s album is dope! 4/20 Campaign coming soon!


~ by Shake on March 19, 2009.

71 Responses to “Asher Roth – Lark On My Go-Kart (Video)”

  1. i rather buy a fat sack of killer on 420 than ashers album..just my opinion

  2. agreed

  3. i fucks with oren yoel…….not asher

  4. random act of fuckery

    hip hop is a fucking circus now

    *bumps Black Thought, Pharoah, Talib Kweli freestyle from 98

  5. i rather donate the money to a homeless person then buy this garbage

  6. Ouch, so much for the love….

  7. “Ouch, so much for the love….”

    There is a lot of hate…

  8. trash

  9. mafuckas worry to much about “the hate”. ashers another one of those “meh” artist. nothing special so its whateva

  10. Fuck Everybody who has commented so far! This shit is F-R-E-S-H!!!!!

  11. “if its fuck me nigga than u know its fuck u”

  12. *bumps Black Thought, Pharoah, Talib Kweli freestyle from 98

    got a link to the freestyle?..lost my copy.

  13. hahahahahahaha………

    the hate’s aMUSING

    listenable, but he aint new.

  14. i rather buy a fat sack of killer on 420 than ashers album..just my opinion

    B BOY said this on March 19, 2009 at 10:42 am

    i fucks with oren yoel…….not asher

    KILLABee said this on March 19, 2009 at 10:48 am

    random act of fuckery

    hip hop is a fucking circus now

    *bumps Black Thought, Pharoah, Talib Kweli freestyle from 98

    Unxpekted said this on March 19, 2009 at 10:49 am

    mafuckas worry to much about “the hate”. ashers another one of those “meh” artist. nothing special so its whateva

    Psssssst said this on March 19, 2009 at 11:11 am


    So why’d you click on it? Ya’ll are the same the people that spew negativity on everything that has his name attached to it. So if you already have a preconceived about his music why even waste your time to comment? I still don’t understand some of these people…

    As far as the track goes… I like it. As much as I hate to say it the song has a very STRONG resemblance to an Eminem track. I think it might be the inflection in his voice or maybe the rhyme pattern but I here Em. Regardless though I’m feeling the song. Interested in hearing the album.

  15. asher roth’s old ep “Just Listen E.P.” is better than this garbage.

  16. so many haters, there is plenty of music to listen to, if you don’t like it move on

  17. Asher is dope, i’m alone on this but i dont care.

  18. Asher went in

  19. any of yall hear his old 2006 ep?..

  20. i like this shit.. he goes hard.. it reminded me of some 90s shit.. hes all talkin bout mario kart, and razor ramon and shit.. ahaha.. its funny shit.. its better than that bullshit Drake, and Cuddy Kid be puttin out.. rap is so trash right now.. i miss the good ol’ days

  21. u niggas trippin like hip hop gotta be serious,i guess yall never heard of the beastie boys,anyway the song is cool

  22. whats the name of ashers old ep supaslick

  23. i don’t see why people gotta hate on it
    just because its not some crazy serious street gospel doesn’t mean it can’t coexist
    some people don’t like to be serious 24/7

  24. what did i just listen to? all i remember hearing were mario kart, cheetos, and making out. is this dude 14 years old or some shit? i cant wait to hear someone call this a classic. smh

  25. “Ouch, so much for the love….”
    “There is a lot of hate…”

    Basically, you shouldnt give a fuck. You rollin with 43, and now hate is the new love – Wale

  26. @lasean

    it’s called “just listen e.p.”
    i can forward you to a link if you want.

  27. fire… takes away from the song a lil bit I think…..but the track is fire

    fuck you fags who hate on ash……he’s nice

  28. i lol’d at the blumpkin king.

  29. I liked the song, it was cool on it’s first listen, I like his playful nature [II] haha

    Most Hated is right why come to a new thread if you hate on him in theold threads unless your trying to give his music a chance then cool -_-

  30. i dont think this is half bad to be honest i quite like it!

  31. honestly this is the hardest joint ive ever heard from asher, and im NOT a fan of his. just an unbias listener. this is dope

  32. not for me

  33. this song is dope, asher roth is dope.

    i have a feeling this is what happens, motherfuckers start listening to asher, and there like this is tight, then they realize that his stuff is starting to get popular, and to make sure they don’t like popular stuff, they bite his shit. so fuck ’em.

    homeboy gets it.

  34. @supaclick

    toss that ep up i couldnt listen to greenhouse effect bc of Drama. i’d like to hear some more dj less Asher Asher shit

  35. Dis SH!T !!!RAW!!!

  36. dope video lol

  37. hard as nails!

  38. ash be that shit
    ash is sweet
    ash be fuckin dimes and shit

  39. […] post:  Asher Roth – Lark On My Go-Kart (Video) Tags: 2009, 2dopeboyz, 50 cent, ali, asher-roth, convinced, curren$y, digiwaxx, fabolous, […]

  40. people use hate as a bad excuse for terrible music


    Gucci Mane is a Bad lyrcisits

    99 percent of idiotic hip hoppers “nah mang dat be hate dawg”

    fucking kids.. get a degree

  41. dag…2dopeboyz wont let me post the link.
    if you want the e.p. drop your email and ill send the link.

  42. i just sent you the link lazypen through email.

  43. i like it…i dnt get when ppl ask for new and innovative music but when that kinda music is put out u trash it…ppl expect every1 to fit this idealism of what a hip hop artist should look like and what they talk about…everything doesnt have to b on sum super concious deep thought shit..

  44. lovin it..

  45. Zack Morris!

  46. @SupaSlick

    @Asher Roth haters:
    Stop hatin’ on Asher Roth. Regardless of the quality of the music he puts out, he automatically generates hate. He’s not exactly the greatest of the Freshman class but some of you guys treat him like he’s just complete garbage. I bet half of you didn’t even check “The GreenHouse Effect” before you formed an opinion. Or just based it on “I Love College” alone. He does him, period, and just skip over another link with his name on it since you don’t care so much. Co-sign @ cali king.

    P.S. I bet if Weezy wrote this same rap over the same production, these same people would claim it to be the DOPEST OUT right now. smh…

  47. Anybody got the instrumental for this?!

  48. Fuck the world; I love this shit!

    Hate is a movement to be expected for new cats. Especially, new cats of distinctive qualities.

    I’ve acquired a taste for Ashers music.

  49. dude is nice

  50. Supaslick, do you have Believe the Hype also?

  51. i like the song and the video…cept for the saved by the bell stuff…that belongs to vonnegutt’s front man

  52. @MDP
    email sent.

  53. I like Asher Roth when he has a actual subject to rap about. “I Love College” is something everybody can relate to. Songs like “Morning Do” and “Show Me Your Titties” are great. But songs like this are just for nostalgic purposes. Asher compares to Eminem slightly through style of fuckery, but Eminem appeals to more people because everyone has a little demented-ness to them. While Asher raps about sounding like Razor Ramon( being Sharp like a razor), Eminem would have spoke about putting someone in a Razor’s Edge and make they feet touch they head. Eminem satisfied the sick side of people that we cannot express on the regular. Anybody can say their lyrically nice(even if their not) and rap about Mario Kart. The shit is too basic. Asher gets that fucked up off weed and drink and these are the only things that he wants to say? He must really be innocent minded. I predict that he will not sell more than 50,000. He’s a mediocre artist that has much room for improvement. Just my opinion though.

    p.s. This song sucks totally.

  54. this is dope. why are fagets hating?…. must be that time of the month. 😦

  55. dudes are really on that if they think this is lame… i’m buying this album on 4:20 because i dont do that other stuff…..

  56. this song has a very dope beat and asher runs throught it with finesse but this video is definately crap. Terrible flash, with a rather irking art style is not a good look for your FIRST VIDEO. i could make this shit.

  57. wow… hating is giving this dude even more ironically shitty.

  58. love the beat :–)

  59. tell me he doesn’t try to rhyme like eminem at times

  60. don’t give a fuck about any of the shit behind it, this was a good record and a ill video

  61. Asher is dope….the haterz are killin me. The kid is the biggest selling new artist in the country for a reason. Lets support him so we can get other artists off the blogs on too

  62. How is he the biggest selling new artist in the country and his album hasn’t dropped yet? His mixtape “The Greenhouse Effect” was free download. This isn’t his first video either. “I Love College” is getting played on MTV2 and BET. This video will never get played on tv. I’m not hating on Asher. I have constructive criticism. Hopefully Asher pays attention to all this and gets better. The truth is that internet music blogs are for three type of people. 1. dickriders, 2. haters, and 3. people that like all types of music. I am the third. Too bad there’s so many dickriders and haters. I feel lonely on this site. it doesn’t matter if you’re a gangsta or do thugged out shit, but if you’re really that innocent that you wanna listen to people rap about Mario Kart, picking up old women from the grocery store and raiding their fridge for a potluck sandwich, be my guest. I look for people like you when I’m robbing Peter to pay Paul. Suburban kids get skateboards and bikes taken then get beat up with them. lol

  63. someone’s gotta email the link to his old ep…

  64. this was mad dry. nothing special at all

  65. This shit is not that bad. I actually liked it. It’s different but I have to say, Asher does sound like Em and maybe that’s why I’m drawn to it. bumps to Black Thought, Pharoah, Talib Kweli freestyle from 98 Mos Def Freestyle in the park. That shit was extra dope.

  66. Uh…
    Well, all I can say is that this song is strange. Actually, more like amusing. I sorta like this, but I’m more of a fan of subject rapping. It’s meh.

  67. This shit is awwwwrrrright. For the record, he does sound like Eminem but that’s just how his voice sounds & u can’t knock someone for that. As far as his subject matter goes, he’s doin’ his own thing & that’s cool. It’s a kinder, gentler Eminem with just as much skills.

  68. On the real he talking about playing mario kart..egging houses…n hitting on milfs..drinking the brew..what white suburb kids do..atleast he keeps it real. Imma go cop his album.

  69. Man leave the dude alone,he jus doin his own thing.
    Man he said Lisa from saved by the bell and Razor fn’ Ramon get out!
    detroit stand up

  70. To SupaSlick, Can I get that EP too?

  71. G shit…
    Asher goes hard
    Yall hatin on shit u supposed to bump to
    Not focus on his lyrics entirely.

    Try listenin to him tell the story, and chuckle a bit.
    Ash Roth goes hard

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