Asher Roth Talks Beer Pong, Baseball & Rapping (Video)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Asher Roth talks about how he transitioned from baseball into rapping, as well as the complexities of beer pong. I’ve gotta tell you once again… you can’t see Shake on the table. I challenge all (yes, you too Ash haha). Asleep in the Bread Aisle dropping 4/20!


~ by Shake on March 19, 2009.

12 Responses to “Asher Roth Talks Beer Pong, Baseball & Rapping (Video)”

  1. shake you need to fuckin find this dude and see him on the bp table..

    and tape that shit.itd be sick.

  2. i use my free throw stroke at the table, jose calderon. or the steve nash bounce to make em knock back 2. you done

  3. shakes white…ashers white…we’re finally makin a comeback

  4. no way shake, show and prove those skills.

  5. […] post: Asher Roth Talks Beer Pong, Baseball & Rapping (Video) Tags: 50 cent, ali, ant, beer pong, charles hamilton, contest, cook classics, crooked i, fabolous, […]

  6. UCSB representing..all i do is play Beer pong or civil war all day…ill see anybody..including Shake or Asher

  7. I will come out of retirement to take down Asher and Shake at the same time. Easy.

  8. Damn sumtimes i wish i didnt go to a HBCU cuz i aint got a clue of what beer pong is

  9. 2db beer pong tourney would be crazy.

  10. No offense shake…but I will smack you in BP.

    Drea will attest to it too

  11. shake if your still livin in vegas come to blondies on thursdays 10pm bp tourney

  12. all asher roth posts should be labeled chase budinger now, duke looks so much alike

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