Cam’ron – I Got It For Cheap (Video)

Has anybody actually visited that “My Jiggie” website? I’m too paranoid it’d give my computer a virus to try to. Crime Pays, May 5th.


~ by Meka on March 19, 2009.

12 Responses to “Cam’ron – I Got It For Cheap (Video)”

  1. Filled a gun 2 the top / smoked a blunt with BARACK !!!!

  2. she like to deep throat/i call it lolligag.

  3. haha he stupid for that barak scene, nigga look just like em

  4. This track isn’t bad from Killa, but he needs to keep the hard beats just like this one. Lately his tracks have sounded incomplete, but this isn’t bad….

  5. Ain’t dis da song called “My Aura”….dat came out a couple of months ago

  6. haha…

  7. that myjiggy site is just cam’ron’s social network site, like a more cluttered thisis50

  8. smh…got damn this nigga is ass

  9. lol @ that “My Jiggie website” comment 🙂

  10. Mac’s don’t get viruses…. smh

  11. He shot a chick…wow, now that’s obnoxius.

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