Evidence’s Cats & Dogs Is In Motion (Video)

Ev fucking with Reason 4, cooking up some production goodness, in Alchemist’s studio while he’s not there. Cats & Dogs, 1st quarter 2010!


~ by Shake on March 19, 2009.

11 Responses to “Evidence’s Cats & Dogs Is In Motion (Video)”

  1. sounds dope..2010..dang..thats a wait.

  2. Damn why 2010? Is the Step Brothers album gonna come out this year at least? And what about another Dilated album?

  3. lets not forget about the their super group with 88-Keys. ALC, EV and 88. hope that comes to fruition

  4. Ev. is that dude, hope folks out there bought The Layover

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  6. i bought the layover but thats not gonna keep me cool until 2010 wtf? thats 9 months i cant wait 9 months for so new ev…
    prays for album early release haha which never happens

  7. hip hop fans are so spoiled haha.
    anything over 9months drives people insane!
    yall kids wouldve hated life back in the day. straight up.

  8. ^ I hear you but I personally am just bummed because this means the Dilated album isn’t coming anytime soon. Ev said Cats & Dogs and Rakaa’s solo would be out first, which means it would be hard pressed to get out by 2010, especially w/ all the push backs these days. So that means it could be 5 years since the last time(2006-2011) before we get another Dilated album. Not saying I’m not looking forward to solos from either but I’m clamoring for another Dilated album with them in full creative control.

  9. damn 2010, is he droppn a new mtape between then?

  10. i thought i heard step brothers was an 09 release but could be wrong…9 months is a wait, i think he should still be pushing the layover cause it was a slept on album for sure

  11. Cant wait for this to drop. BTW I love grey goose for the commercial with babu’s guns gon blow

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