Kevin Rudolf – Welcome To The World f. KiD CuDi

This must be (Everybody Loves Or Hates) KiD CuDi week. Apparently the original had Rick Ross (who apparently buys bootleg clothing, just like me!) on it, according to the Wiki for Kevin’s album. I didn’t even know his album had dropped… the shit debuted at No. 94 on the Billboard charts? Young Money FAIL. Props to Cudi’s fan site.

DOWNLOAD: Kevin Rudolf – Welcome To The World f. KiD CuDi | Mediafire


~ by Meka on March 19, 2009.

17 Responses to “Kevin Rudolf – Welcome To The World f. KiD CuDi”

  1. wtf they drop his album for? dubmassessaseasdasnjdkasndkasd

  2. ah.

  3. the album wasnt even half bad..none of it compares to “let it rock” but obviously that was a try at mainstream success..

    dont hate just cuz hes a toolbag white dude..the music aint half bad.

  4. sharebee<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

  5. wow this is sick. let it rock was a hit but people obviously thought he was a one hit wonder…CuDi>>>Raawss.

    NYC (feat. Nas) is ill too…

  6. sharebee<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    D said this on March 19, 2009 at 4:08 pm

    Sharebee sucks man. Wonder how many viruses I can blame on all their spam right now. Shit is fucked up.


  8. Putting you on since I didn’t see it up yet

  9. this shit wack!

  10. “Putting you on since I didn’t see it up yet

    we actually put that song up a few days ago. but took it down because it wasnt upposed to be out yet.

  11. […] Kevin Rudolf – Welcome To The World f. KiD CuDi Tags: Adam Tensta, ali, charles hamilton, convinced, drake, evidence, exclusive, hell on earth, […]

  12. @ Shake Not Young Money, Ca$h Money; Blame It On

  13. young money fail? what do u expect, lil wayne fails as an artist, and americans fail in general for supporting a wack label of wack artists. who are the bigger idiots? lil wayne and his self denial of his wack talent or dumbass americans who poor all their money to wack artists in a time of recession?

  14. nice track imo..

  15. no disrespect, but everything he does sounds the same I guess…

  16. YME/CME… they are the same f^cking thing (basically) bros… chill out it’s a fail, no matter what label it is on lol

  17. In a couple weeks Kevin Rudolf is about to be the biggest thing in music period, dude is gonna own the 3 of the TOp 10 spots on the Hot 100 and that’s not counting Let It Rock still going hard for another year. That shit is triple platinum already, but like I said dude is about to have 3 of the biggest singles you ever heard by the end of April & please don’t respond w/ hate just watch the charts and keep ya mouths shut haters.

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