KiD CuDi @ CineSpace (Video)

True story: I went to my first-ever U-N-I show here at CineSpace, got super-shitfaced, made out with a random-ass chick with locks and sparked up a conversation with a fence before spending the entire weekend recovering. Good times. Props to illRoots.


~ by Meka on March 19, 2009.

9 Responses to “KiD CuDi @ CineSpace (Video)”

  1. amen, pop champagne is garbage.

  2. lol @ that story

  3. Will.I.Am.iS.Tha.MANN!!!

  4. LMFAO @ your weekend

  5. cinewack. that bandwagon is long gone.

  6. haha @ talking to a fence

    drunk ppl can either be a. hilarious or b. asshole bitches. and Meka sir you are an A.

  7. shake must be b

  8. shake must be b
    …..loosen up the grip homie.
    lol, what are you so hurt about?

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