Listening to Sharpies: 5 Reasons (Video)


Now that I have your attention, Jacques gives you 5 reasons on why you should entertain yourself by watching their video clips in the future. Which one do the dopeboyz agree with the most? I have a feeling I know what ya’ll are gonna pick. Shouts to ESSO on the background music tip.

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~ by Shake on March 19, 2009.

8 Responses to “Listening to Sharpies: 5 Reasons (Video)”

  1. Those are good reasons especially the last one haha but that track for the background music sounds pretty fuckin good… download link anyone?

  2. less trees=less fires


  3. You already know da deal Shake. I ain’t even gotta watch the video to know whats number 1. Three words…Andrea…Monique…..Brennin!

  4. the shit is stupid. his sloppy ass stupid handwriting on those papers is lame. im not even gonna bother reading the bullshit anymore. and im not watching those vids unless that chick is in it. when thats the case im muting the video and playing it cuz the music is always fuckin whak

  5. lmmfao @ reason 4
    that’s an awesome perspective they’ve got over there

  6. preventin forest fires w/ a sheet at a time? i approve

  7. yo i went to high school wit jacques

  8. whered the girl go? haha.

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