9th Wonder – OompCampTV Interview (Video)

DJ Jelly sits down with 9th Wonder to talk about his background, history, teaching a hip hop class, upcoming projects and more.


~ by Shake on March 20, 2009.

11 Responses to “9th Wonder – OompCampTV Interview (Video)”

  1. Yo shake!! love the site and love what ya’ll do!!! big shouts from CALI!! gotta say that first and foremost!! but i was hopin that you would post that Crooked I MTV rip track but of course in CDQ!

  2. ^^monday.
    MAYBE sunday.

  3. alright shake!! keep doin ya thing! shouts to NMC!! 1

    Double Arr

  4. I wanna second that whole, love the site thing, and also, yeah, can’t wait for that Crooked I, going hard, slaughterhouse and all. Yo, shake if I’m not mistaken you do design right? Just outta curiosity, help an inspired cat out here, you go to school for it anywhere still?

  5. oooooooo ya!! shake i wanna say that the box site that you’re using for the links is (2)dope!!! suggest that you keep using it..alright im done..haha

  6. 9th was right on the money with the Outkast record. We need another one with Organized Noize on production.

  7. 9th wasn’t on Jay’s first album

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  9. Lol that would be so ridiculously awesome to be in a class taught by 9th wonder

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  11. 9th is Genius

    Check out my salute The 9th Month Wonder

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