Busta Rhymes – Watch How You Talk f. Raekwon & The Game

The song also features the garbage bin. I still don’t know why people feature him on tracks. I’m so lost on that. Dah well… new Busta, Rae & Game is always nice to see. Shouts to Splash Dollar. Check the bonus too…

DOWNLOAD: Busta Rhymes – Watch How You Talk f. Rae, Uncle Murda & The Game [Clean] | MF
BONUS: M.O.P. – Brooklyn f. Busta Rhymes [Clean] | MF


~ by Shake on March 20, 2009.

15 Responses to “Busta Rhymes – Watch How You Talk f. Raekwon & The Game”

  1. damn both of these songs are nice, but i’m feelin’ the mop song more. get these dirty versions up asap

  2. Everyone hates on Uncle Murda … I can’t understand why. His music is crazy entertaining, and he’s reppin’ BK harder than anyone.

    “Tell Hova that Murda Runnin’ the city now!”

  3. I enjoyed Bullet Bullet. That shit was a good song, full of energy.

    Busta sounded smooth over this joint. Game sounded weird, trying out another vocal style. Sounds like a mix of his drunk voice and his nas voice but a tad bit deeper. Dude’s easily the best vocalist in the industry.

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  5. […] more here:  Busta Rhymes – Watch How You Talk f. Raekwon & The Game Tags: ali, ant, bestofbothoffices, bun b, contest, convinced, cunninlynguists, Downloads, […]

  6. I love it when Busta does those melodic hooks. SO crazy

  7. Yall just hate Murda as a person that’s why you think his music sucks. Not only top lyricists can make a good rap song, then no one would be listening to southern rap right? Others like me find Murda funny and some of his songs are dope.

  8. I think the only verse I liked from Uncle Murda was on Statik Selektah’s Spell My Name Right. Gangsta shit!

  9. Aw shit, “Have bullets stuttering like car ignitions.” Busta is too sick.

  10. Maybe it’s because I’m a Green Lantern stan, but I’ve always liked Uncle Murda. 2 Hard 4 Hip Hop and Respect The Shooter still have a home on my ipod, and Bullet Bullet was an instant classic.

  11. Co-sign FUHNAHTIK & both songs are real dope to! Now just need the dirty version of both of them! I love how The Game switched up his flow to! This mean Busta going to be dropping a new song every week to cause it sounded like he said something like that in the track?!


  13. This track is DOPE. Bring on the Dirty.

  14. Damn! Can’t wait for the dirty!

  15. i need that dirty brooklyn joint

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