Drunk As Fuck in Cancun w/ Ludacris (Video)

The clip is little performance and a lot of drunk folks. Preview of what to expect off Luda & Shawnna’s upcoming album, Battle of the Sexes. Full track will hit the internets next week!


~ by Shake on March 20, 2009.

7 Responses to “Drunk As Fuck in Cancun w/ Ludacris (Video)”

  1. I like Luda. All about workin hard and playin hard. That’s what you gotta do

  2. Did ya’ll niggas see 2Pac at @ 2:51? Vid is mad funny… a bunch of drunk white people = RAoF moment in the making…

  3. yo wut the fuck? i saw tupac!

  4. Asian girl @ 2:40.. I’d hit that! Btw, did y’all see Tupac?! HAHAHA.

  5. […] more here: Drunk As Fuck in Cancun w/ Ludacris (Video) Tags: bestofbothoffices, big boi, bk cyph, cancun, contest, convinced, cunninlynguists, digiwaxx, […]

  6. that tupac dude is mexican, tney have himmdress up like that same with spiderman who walks around, its jokes, broke mofuckas never been to cancun or something.

  7. Tupac seems lost

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