Fat Joe – Hey Joe (prod. Infamous)

.44 long, tell Curtis he can hold that

D.I.T.C. > Terror Squad. With that said, is Big L > Big Pun? Props to Sowmya for the NMC exclusive.

DOWNLOAD: Fat Joe – Hey Joe (prod. Infamous)


~ by Meka on March 20, 2009.

31 Responses to “Fat Joe – Hey Joe (prod. Infamous)”

  1. you guys should use box.net all the time… by far the best file sharing site

  2. box.net IS the shit..

    when i saw this title i was hoping he WOULDNT use the jimi song..but he did alright..

    “bleach” by styles of beyond is far better though.

  3. Fat joe compared to Big L is like comparing a pack of matches and a stick of dynamite.

  4. lol meka who is the fuck is even comparing those? ditc=legends, terror squad= joke

  5. ……he went in

  6. jimi in the hook?????

  7. fat joe WAS one of the best emcee’s in his prime.. “represent” and “jealous ones envy” are personal classics

  8. i disagree, lyrically, i like l’s wordplay, but pun kinda had the industry done up with his lyricism.

    D.I.T.C. > TS, but dont write off pun for being worse than l cuz average-ish dudes like joe were in there

  9. .44 inches long? this nigga…

  10. big l and big pun…… hard to choose between either but both def in my top 8 (no myspace),,,,

  11. PAUUUUUUUSE @ the pic
    double triple PAUSE @ that quote

  12. big l > big pun, (personal opinion..), close tho.

    and theres no comparison between ditc and terror squad. i forgot terror squad even existed until i read that.

  13. I prefer Big L over pun

  14. what the fucks a terror squad. It’s too bad DITC didnt have time to do some real shit before L and Pun died.

    Oh yea, Big L is better than Pun.Pun was crazy, but there is no debate in my mind.

  15. Big Pun >>> Big L, for me personally I’ve never seen what the big deal about Big L was, I’m not saying he wasn’t good but he never blew me away. I can still listen to Capital Punishment track for track but cant say the same for Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous.
    But then again this is all just IMO…..

  16. Big Pun = Big L : They both were equally great to me. Pun was nice to me because of how he would spazz on a track and make newcomers think he was half his size. Big L had the art of story telling down to the t. Thats a toss up for me.

  17. i say pun over l but thats just me

  18. big pun>big l

  19. big pun >> big L.. Big L u aint even in my classa lol na 4real tho big pun all day, even if he stutterd he would stil sh sh sh shit on any mc..

  20. […] the original post:  Fat Joe – Hey Joe (prod. Infamous) Tags: 2dopeboyz, ali, ant, big boi, bun b, charles hamilton, convinced, crooked i, digiwaxx, […]

  21. this is some survivor voting system shit..first it was all big L now its big Pun..who the hell is the best rapper and new champion of this c-section?

  22. This Pun and L talk is well and good, but this track is dope. I just played it three times in a row

  23. Pun was way more of a lyricist, but L had punch lines like no other- Finesse on a whole new level. They each had mean delivery. Pun had more joints than L- classics at least- L’s more known for freestyles and one liners. That said, I rather listen to L than Pun. But I rather listen to both of them than 95% of what’s out there.

  24. D.I.T.C. > BCC

  25. Big L greatest rapper ever

  26. wtf…..use z-share pls, cause I cant dl shit from switzerland…..thx 😉

  27. BIG L > BIG PUN Anyday… Not Sayin Pun Wasnt ILL But L Was Just ALWAYS Nicer

  28. Mann.. some songs shouldnt be sampled outta respect… Like as a producer, I wouldnt ever tarnish Jimi Hendrix by samplin his music… but INfamous did the jint aight..

  29. link aint workin..”This user is out of bandwidth”

  30. Ditc, big l and big pun > asher roth + joe budden

  31. […] According to numerous sources on the Internets there are two new Jimi Hendrix albums and one reality-style DVD coming out this year. Janie Hendrix, Jimi’s stepsister who runs Experience Hendrix says there are “Ten more years of Hendrix music in the vault.” In a unique move for most rappers Fat Joe sampled “Hey Joe” for his new song also titled “Hey Joe.” […]

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