Jadakiss: “Tahiry Or Amber Rose?” (Video)

Sounds like another poll question. Let’s let the audience decide! Props to Xilla.


~ by Meka on March 20, 2009.

16 Responses to “Jadakiss: “Tahiry Or Amber Rose?” (Video)”

  1. amber rose has the perfect body but i still voted for Tahiry

  2. jada is that dude

  3. ol girl voice doin the interview was kinda sexy doe…whats YO name baby? lol…

  4. eehhhaaahhh

  5. amber rose has the perfect body but i still voted for Tahiry


    yea she has a better body but i voted for Tahiry because of Amber’s head looking like a dirty tennis ball.

  6. ^^”dirty tennis ball”…lololol well put sir

    not everyone can do the ‘no hair’ look..tahiry>>amber rose

  7. lmao..ya she could possibly be a ten on the scale if she wasnt rockin a baldy like guru

  8. tahiri by far

  9. cant work with that bald head at all…tahiry>amber rose

  10. What?! lol, mann Amber Rose is killin all chicks right about now. Beyonce, Amerie, Cassie all them ones. Are we seeing the same chick?? Tahiry is cool, but she’s all bun.


  12. I voted for Tahiry but seriously did the bitch ask him if he had sex in the booth?

  13. his gum chewing was annoying as fuck.

  14. Why does he look to his left every time he answers?

  15. this dude is working the fuck outta that gum!

  16. Tahiry ,, not because of the bald head.. but because she is a real real chick.. Amber is a real freak…which ain’t bad

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