Keri Hilson – Swag (Without Polow Da Don Yelling)

I had to use the title that was in the email, because I listened to Rich Boy’s “Drop” last night and was pissed at Polow’s constant barking. Ol fake Timbaland, meerkat-looking boy.

DOWNLOAD: Keri Hilson – Swag (Without Polow Da Don Yelling)


~ by Meka on March 20, 2009.

18 Responses to “Keri Hilson – Swag (Without Polow Da Don Yelling)”

  1. Polow wishes he was Tim.

  2. lmfao meerkat lion king lookin boy

  3. This sound nice and lmao @ meerkat

  4. […] You already know how we feel about Keri Hilson around here, check out the version of Swag without Pollow the Don. Props to 2DB. […]

  5. […] original here:  Keri Hilson – Swag (Without Polow Da Don Yelling) Tags: ali, ant, bun b, cunninlynguists, eminem, freestyle, glc, Hip Hop, in a perfect […]

  6. When is the word ‘swag’ gonna depart from hip hop? It has gone out of control. Almost as annoying as the word ‘jiggy’.

  7. LMAO @ meerkat-looking boy. Song is so much better without the Polow drops though! Can’t wait for Ms. Keri album on Tuesday! I would like to change her last name to mine to!

  8. “Soulja Boy, you a fool for this one, baby” – Keri

    No, Miss Hilson, I’m afraid he’s just a fool.

  9. who did this song first? Soulja Boy or Keri Histon?

  10. god this honey is hot as fuck.

    AND she can sing/rap!

  11. @ Meka/Shake

    Any chance of “Drop” by Rich Boy without Polow the Don yelling all over the beat???

  12. Oh n I wanna impregnate Keri Hilson

  13. Cosign w/Krhyme (both posts)

    that rich boy shit goes in crazy but how the fuck is it supposed to get spins when you got the producer yelling all over the track???

  14. lmfao @ fake timbaland meerkat-looking boy


  15. co-signin Krhyme n Lotlan

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    THIS CHICK IS YUM!!!!!!!!!!

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