Pimp C – Let’s Talk Money f. Lil Wayne [NoTags]

See? All it takes is a little bit of patience and we’ll give ya’ll the tagless version of things around these parts. Big ups to MTV for not acting like bitches and using our tagged version for their news piece (unlike some other [ws]flipflops on the internets). Yea, WE know you see us too. Smh… anyways, here goes the Pimp C x Lil Wayne collaboration that had the people speaking throughout the day (sans tags of course). Who do you love?

DOWNLOAD: Pimp C – Let’s Talk Money f. Lil Wayne [NoTags]


~ by Shake on March 20, 2009.

20 Responses to “Pimp C – Let’s Talk Money f. Lil Wayne [NoTags]”

  1. good look

  2. Thank you for giving us a tag free version of a song that YOU tagged…
    We are forever in your debt, sir.


  4. LMFAO!

    this sounds just like the Nipsey Hussle song that samples the same shit..

    too bad he beat em to the punch 😦

  5. this blog use to be different….would never tag shit


  6. There’s a tagfree version of Troublemaker on the Hottest N!gga Under The Sun mixtape, it’s 07-Lil_Wayne-Hello_World.mp3

  7. Already!
    I’m hoping you all at least got the right names listed on the feature this time…

  8. Wow ungrateful people. They don’t have to give you these songs for free. Just wait until there are no tags. No need to complain about it.

  9. alot of shit use to be different…its a recession haha they gotta tag to eat.

  10. Don’t get me wrong, this blog is dope…
    It’s just these niggas got all big headed and shit…
    NMC runnin’ around like Khaled and shit
    “We run this” = “We Da Best!”
    Get off your fuckin’ high horses… Anyone can do this shit. What’s the point of putting faggity ass tags?
    You cats mixtape djs now?

  11. They don’t have to give you these songs for free.

    lol cmon mydood, i love 2dope, come here every day multiple times. but if shake or meka started charging for these singles this site would fall off the map.

    i appreciate the songs, but the songs can be gotten at plenty of other sites. we are not in their debt.

    but tags is just fucking tags, nothing to bitch over.

  12. you know whats the point of tags? honestly?

    when you have little dj’s that take these songs ASAP and sell them on their mixtapes within the next 10 minutes.. that means easy street publicity and recognition + web hits on the blog = more money… end of the story

    this isnt about you or me, its all about the hits.

  13. […] here to see the original: Pimp C – Let’s Talk Money f. Lil Wayne [NoTags] Tags: ali, asher-roth, bestofbothoffices, bun b, convinced, crooked i, Downloads, glc, Hip Hop, […]

  14. What with Wayne sneak dissing 50 again? that I cant respect. Dont bark and when someone ask if you have a problem bitch up.

  15. Good to see NMC getting mainstream press, even if its shit MTV. And SMFuckingH at everyone still bitchin about the tags. Waaaaaah my free music site tagged a song I like for a whole 12 hours waaaaaaah.

  16. i can’t believe people are really bitching about it damn

  17. garbage shit from 2 trash artist, wayne keeps takin subliminals but scared to get at him

  18. this is not a diss, he mentioned his name but not in an offensive way.

  19. Thanks again…Y’all keep doing a great job. Please support UGK on March 31st when the album drops. PEace

  20. FIRE

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