QuESt – Yes, Yes, A Tribe Called QuESt (Hot Sex)

For the last installment (until the release of Broken Headphones on July 28th) of Flip It Fridays; QuESt decided to go in (and I do mean, go in) over some classic Tribe. Fitting right?

“Unfortunately this will be my last edition of flip it fridays till July 28th. Thats when Broken Headphones Drops. I’ll post songs periodically, But I gotta focus on this project fully. I will not dissapoint people. I will not dissapoint…And Thats A PROMISE. Broken Headphones JULY 28TH”

DOWNLOAD: – QuESt – Yes, Yes, A Tribe Called QuESt (Hot Sex)


~ by Shake on March 20, 2009.

20 Responses to “QuESt – Yes, Yes, A Tribe Called QuESt (Hot Sex)”

  1. sickkk

  2. he really does sound like marvin the martian

  3. Please start using this Box downloader all the time. ZShare is garbage…

  4. i toldddd yall he sound like marvin the martian, but he still nice hope his voice dont take away from talent cuz he voice is like peircin brain in annoyance

  5. keep using the box.

  6. I swear to Bob this kid has the potential to be one of the nicest in the game in a matter of a a couple years. Can’t wait for that Broken Headphones. Kinda disappointed that Flip it Fridays is done, but I can deal with that if it means the album is gonna be even doper.

  7. yo QuEST IS NICE! (how late am i?)

  8. i WOULD use the box all the time, but i just found they have a limit on bandwidth. i used it up with FOUR songs!!!!

    when we relaunch the site, weve got plans so dont worry. the dopeboyz are for the people!

  9. when are you relaunching?

  10. theres something wrong and it wont let me download it… im really mad right now i need some new QUEST in my life

  11. fixed the link. was good (for the first hour) haha.

  12. does sounds like martian the martian :O but he is dope as hell, dude got punchlines and good spit. that weird voice also make his shit sound unique!

  13. […] QuESt – Yes, Yes, A Tribe Called QuESt (Hot Sex) Tags: a tribe called quest, ali, crooked i, digiwaxx, exclusive, glc, Hip Hop, hiphopdx, […]

  14. quest sounds like another young rapper by the name of K Dot who is signed to top dawg ent which is jay rocks label if yall don’t know who im talking about yall should look his shyt up because they both sound identical

  15. damn i been sleepin on this guy not gonna lie! i thought he was just another blog rapper, gonna come and go but this guy is good.
    first time i heard him i htought he sounded like hov……

  16. I checked out, but dude has nada on quest, definately not as diverse. Ive heard Quest on soo many different records its ridiculous how he can just adapt to any joint that he hops on. effortlessly. He went the fuck in on this too.

  17. wheres dude from? and wuts his best mixtape out?

  18. Miami and check out Distant Travels into Soul Theory DOPE!!!

  19. ^^ Miami forreal? damn i had no idea. and thanks i’ll peep that out now

  20. This sh-t is FIYA!!!!

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