Sean C & LV x Joell Ortiz & Joe Budden (Video)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The duo behind “Roc Boys” play a few tracks for 50% of Slaughterhouse. Let’s see if they all can make an album, though. Props to the BoBO.


~ by Meka on March 20, 2009.

11 Responses to “Sean C & LV x Joell Ortiz & Joe Budden (Video)”

  1. joell & crooked need to lose these leeches that had they own solo shot but failed.

  2. those fags didnt do shit but speed up the tempo of that dope ass menahan street band track. talentless fucks.

  3. Pssssssssst, you think Royce and Joe are leeching onto the other two?Do you not understand the reason they are together in the first place? If you think about it, Joell got dropped from Aftermath and Crooked got released from Death row, Indies that had major distribution, so what the fuck you talking about ?

  4. Pssssst FAILED

  5. i really dont care for the reason. its a new age in music distribution. labels dont matter. they got the talent to succeed solo. royce & buddens benefit the most out of this group. whats the name of that ross track?

  6. shiiit that first track is dope!

  7. Did that shady ass named Sean C finally quit his A&R job?! U can’t act in the best interest for your company while trying to get placements for your own shit. Pretty simple huh

  8. Yoooo!!! Can someone please give me a link to The Best of Both Offices site???

  9. lol

  10. […] is the original post:  Sean C & LV x Joell Ortiz & Joe Budden (Video) Tags: ant, bestofbothoffices, big boi, bobo, bun b, contest, digiwaxx, fabolous, freestyle, […]

  11. Ayo Triple A. I dont believe we’ve met and Rae thanx for the love, much success to u.

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