Show Tufli – This Is Not a Love Song

Demevolist Music Group‘s Show Tufli released a new single off his upcoming project, Without a Doubt, which drops March 24th. I’ve gotta ask though, who is the dopeboyz/girlz favorite artist in the DMG (Charles included)?

DOWNLOAD: Show Tufli – This Is Not a Love Song (prod. Woody)


~ by Shake on March 20, 2009.

16 Responses to “Show Tufli – This Is Not a Love Song”

  1. Fuck em’ all, fuck em’, fuck em’ all! c.2007 Weezy Astronomical

  2. I think Charles and B/A are the strongest links

  3. Charles is just ahead of all of them but Yung Nate and Show gotta LOT of potential.

  4. charles…then yung nate….then j means has potential

  5. I like Yung Nate better than I like Charles…

  6. 1. Charles
    2. Yung Nate (spits fire)
    3. Show
    4. B/A

  7. 1.Charles 2.Yung Nate i love his song “Float On”

  8. […] the original here: Show Tufli – This Is Not a Love Song Tags: 2dopeboyz, ant, big boi, charles hamilton, common, crooked i, Downloads, fabolous, fat joe, […]

  9. yeah ch, then nate(float on is dope), then show

  10. Show Tufli
    Charles Hamilton
    Yung Nate
    J Means

  11. #1 Bagdad [B/A]
    #2 Charles Hamilton
    #3 J Means
    #4 Yung Nate

  12. Tufli is the only other one thats said anything memorable to me, no diss

  13. 1. C-H-A-R
    2. Yung Nate
    3. Show Tufli
    4. J Means

    havent heard too much of B.A., but I’ll go back and listen to ATNWH and throw him somewhere in the mix.

  14. CH, hands down.

  15. Show TuFli’s first mix tape from the Fox 5 Series: WITHOUT A DOUBT — available for download —>

  16. […] to 5 of his favorite artists. Without a Doubt follows Jay-Z’s Reasonable Doubt. For example, This Is Not a Love Song is TuFli’s take on Hov’s Song Cry. After the jump I’ve also included some bonus […]

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