Wale – Chillin’ f. Lady Gaga [Radio Rip] [CDQ]

Here’s a radio rip of the Cool & Dre-produced single. Props to Elitaste. UPDATE: Rip Game Proper came through with the CDQ version.

DOWNLOAD: Wale – Chillin’ f. Lady Gaga [Radio Rip] [CDQ] | Mediafire


~ by Meka on March 20, 2009.

86 Responses to “Wale – Chillin’ f. Lady Gaga [Radio Rip] [CDQ]”

  1. I thought this was the first single off his album

  2. it is……..

  3. nvm, u changed it

  4. I’m guessin’ that Mr.Folarin re-did his vocals and they threw Gaga on this jawn, cuz this sounds way different as far as the elements mentioned are concerned.

  5. Till I got a buzz like that nigga Chris Mullin.

  6. Edit: It sounds way different from the version I have.

  7. The one that was on here a while ago sounds wayyyyy better, fuck gaga

  8. The first version of this track was definitely a better one. This one just doesn’t sound right. Maybe cause I heard the first version, I don’t know. I wouldn’t release this one though if I was Wale.

  9. The version I have is minus Gaga and different verses. Gaga could get it though, haha

  10. unrelated comment: box.net is doper then all other hosts

  11. I think its trash and won’t break him in the mainstream

  12. I don’t know if throwing Lady Gaga on it was necessary, but the shit’s dope regardless.

    btw, i was on 93.9 talkin to wale when they firstr played it. Go Me!

  13. I agree with some of ya’ll the bootleg first version goes way harder

  14. Original goes way harder

  15. Yea gaga’s melody on the hook doesn’t seem to mesh with the beat at all…idk Wale…

  16. 93.9 dc represent!

    yeah the og mix was the SHIT..but this cdq wont be half bad either

  17. this shit sounds like 2009 Gettin Jiggy Wit it…

  18. Thought he’d be droppin the CDQ today…all that buildup for a radio rip?

  19. haha dude thats what im saying!! wheres the cdq..i wanna bump that on my beams 2nite.

  20. haha dude thats what im saying!! wheres the cdq..i wanna bump that on my beams 2nite.

    Victory said this on March 20, 2009 at 4:50 pm


    I’ve been bumpin the bootleg version since December lol. Been waiting for that legit CDQ for a minute now.

  21. haha same here dude..lol. That lady gaga is for the eye candy though.

  22. the other version is MUCH better..

  23. Bitches love Gaga, she’s definitely on there to appeal to the masses. Not a fan of the hook, but then again I’m not one of the “masses.”

  24. i think i need CDQ before i can really pass any sort of judgment on it. wale’s delivery is way different in this one compared to the unofficial that leaked back in december. i think i liked the old delivery and flow better. i actually like gaga’s part though.

  25. box.net ftw!!!!!

    but to me i think i like both equally

  26. dis trak sounds craaazzzyyyy!!! lookin forward to cdq

  27. gaga ruins it. and the verses aren’t different they are just clean plus he added a 3rd verse.

  28. The M.I.A imitation hook is about as cliché as auto-tune. I don’t get it.

  29. having gaga on it was a radio play move, she has way more fans than wale. if you think she doesn’t sound good, m sure millions of her die hard fans will love her and get the song.

  30. LOL @ the radioplay move to put Gaga on the song. What does that say about Wale that he can’t hold down a song on his own but dudes like Asher and Cudi can and get great success chartwise? Not a smart move at all because ultimately if this guy above me is right, the only reason anyone will check for this is because of her, which leaves him back to square 1.

  31. WOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW………….this version blows. That bootleg shit 2dopeboys posted a while ago was 100000000x’s better. Too bad Wale locked that shit down, but I got it.

    Alright this shit doenst blow but the original was better, hate to sound cliche. This will be good for wale though probably.

  32. I prefer the 1st version, but this is ight.

  33. Sweet

  34. This is dope…

  35. WALE!!!!!! LETS GO!!!! its bout damn time he out dere
    and its a wrap for this rap game
    DMV WAT UP!!

  36. Big Wale fan, Cap. Heights reppin…but I’m not diggin this song. I need to hear this at Love or somethin

  37. http://www.zshare.net/audio/57365868f9f75a8d/ this version is from itunes

  38. songs pretty good…the beat should’ve gone harder.

    during the radioshow for the premiere they played some sick wale songs a nice throwback to paint a picture: “one thing about a playa” the beat is sick and reminds me of 90s jams

  39. I dont like this shit but wale is still cool lol

  40. Damn wtf…

  41. Wale is one of the best mcs currently .. but this single is WEAK. the hook and the concept of the song is lame …If nike boots wasn’t already released it would have been a wayyy better look than chillin

  42. This shit is growing on me fast. I know it shouldn’t have to “grow on me” for a single, but it is. I’m really loving it.

  43. The hook sounds like it was made for M.I.A right?!?!
    Anyway I like the song but from when i saw the clip of it performed live, i know this is just a fraction of what to expect.

  44. I’m guessing, from his references to M.I.A. and the chorus, that this was M.I.A. inspired.

  45. yea after a couple listens it ain’t bad at all, I actually prefer the new lines in the third verse to the old version

  46. This Does’nt Go Hard, But It Is Not Supposed To. Its Like “I Love College” They Are Both “Get Your Foot In The Door” Records. You Know Records That Will Get Stuck In Your Head. I’ll Be Damned If This Is Not Stuck In My Head Right Now.

  47. this is a hit. most hits sound this way when they first come out. a lil over the head but watch.

  48. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. “a lil over the head but watch” Yep See The Intro To “W.A.L.E. D.A.N.C.E.” Off “100 Miles And Running” Wale Says It Himself.

  50. This is definitely worse than the earlier leaked version, even though it had that annoying chorus with humming. Gaga ruined it for sure, shes too high pitched on this, even in general shes shit her music is just catchy cause of good production and mixing.

    I hope wale pulls a “love lockdown” and re-releases an improved one.

  51. I think M.I.A was who they really wanted for the hook, cause listening to it, Lady Gaga sounds like an M.I.A rip off, and theirs lyrics referencing M.I.A

  52. Wale is Dope!!!!…homie got talent!!

  53. It makes sense to have gaga on it, but it demeans the song a little imo..with that being said the song is solid, the version that leaked or this one..hope he gets some more deserved recognition.

  54. This is growin on me. I agree that this is a “I love College” thing. It’ll get Wale in the door then he’ll bring the real shit on his album, from what everyone is saying about “Asleep in the Bread Aisle” that’s what Asher did.

  55. plus is still think “You say you got a lotta whips well I got a lot.” Is a dope line.

  56. To be real…Wale needs to qut the poppy rap. Wale needs that Boom Bap New York Rap.

    THATS what he needs. I can see this being a hit though

  57. Actually…the “M.I.A.” references come from him working with Cool & Dre. They’re from Miami. I agree though…this song woulda made a bit more sense with M.I.A. on it but knowing Wale, he always likes to go left. He went with Lady GaGa to avoid the “Swagga Like Us” comparison. Someone made a good point about him making a bad move by getting someone to feature on this song. You wanna establish YOURSELF in your first single. This sounds like third single status…MAYBE second.


  58. I like this, but the original is waaaaaaay better. I ain’t mad at Wale, but I’ve been runnin the original and will continue to do moreso than this shit.

  59. I’m feeling this shit now.

  60. Whether you like this song or not, it’s gonna get stuck in your head, and that’s great for a first single. People might not like it, but it’ll get airplay because it gets stuck in your head.

  61. You can’t avoid how much this shit gets stuck in your head. The first one went harder, but 99% of the world hasn’t heard the first version. This song is still unlike what people are hearing on the radio right now. It’s gonna blow up.

  62. lmao at comparing this to i love college. that’s an entertaining song, but give me a break, wale is fire.

  63. This song real dope minus GaGa on the hook can’t really stand here to much! Her on the hook might have to grow on me! Can’t wait for Wale’s album though should be dope & I love the McLovin line funny!

  64. my material girls give em a-rod money hahaha wale is a BEAST

  65. sweet jesus. this song is off the hook. Wale is one of the only artists I plan on supporting by buying his album, he’s pushing the envelope and doing new and interesting shit. word up wale, you got me on board.

  66. Definetly gonna be played on the radio a lot. I’ll be seeing all the white chicks bangin’ this out their whips real soon…

  67. anybody got the older version so I can compare?

  68. I hope this is Wale’s ticket to the big leagues, but like most of the other dopeboyz, I’m sticking with the original.

  69. This OG definately goes harder. I even liked the mumbling hook on the other one. My Girl will probably like this song now so she can sing along with Gaga

  70. Aight now im pissed I respected his request to wait for the actual released version n all these comments say how much doper the other one was…Fuck! Anyone feel like re-upin the link?

  71. It Can Be Found Here To Listen http://www.imeem.com/people/AuWnaVS/music/wGGbDcq1/wale-chillin-demo/

  72. Anyone got a DL link for the original jank?

  73. It Will Get Deleted So Hurry, Hurry http://www.zshare.net/audio/57397702cf54984d/

  74. is that swizz beatz on the mumbling?

  75. i gotta say 1 more thing: while wale is great, i can only assume this song will make him the new lil wayne, as in girls and 14 year old dudes bumpin WEEZY F BABYYYYYYYYYYY nonstop

  76. To clarify from earlier, wasn’t comparing Wale and Asher, it agree they are completely different rappers. I was saying that the two of them seem to have gone the same way with their singles, digestible shit for girls and white kids to sing along to so they can get in rotation and then I am sure both will go in on their albums. It’s a smart move, Wale has nothing to prove to us. They have to win over everyone else.

  77. DAMN! wale is on fire, i can hear this being huge on the radio but its still got that wale lyricism. i’ve been tryin to get my girl to listen to dope shit for a while now and this song will probably do it lol. And yeah the MIA line is hot, i think its a double reference cuz he mentions cool & dre and gettin high like planes. Cant wait to get that back to the feature mix and Im coppin attention deficit the day its released

  78. recycling songs now? gaga be bitin’ m.i.a swag. smh.

  79. AWFUL

  80. ^faggoteer

  81. my material girls give em a-rod money
    that shit went straight over my head the first few listens
    I really feel like the energy level coulda been higher. This is still dope, but I really think it had potential to be Lil Wayne big.

  82. First version seemed better, had more energy

  83. This was good.

  84. […] DOWNLOAD: Wale – Chillin’ f. Lady Gaga [Radio Rip] [CDQ] […]

  85. If it weren’t for Gaga sounding so much like MIA, I’d be ok with this.

  86. m.ia shoulda beeen on this

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