Ya Boy & Terry Kennedy Talk Chris Brown/Rihanna, Drugs, etc (Video)

TK & YB discuss the Chris Brown/Rihanna situation. Then Ya Boy goes in about drugs and security.


~ by Shake on March 20, 2009.

11 Responses to “Ya Boy & Terry Kennedy Talk Chris Brown/Rihanna, Drugs, etc (Video)”

  1. sadly, these are two niggas i could give less of a fuck about…

  2. my advice to young rappers is skip the neck, face and hand tattoos. furthermore, i’ve never heard someone use the word “nigga” in a sentence so extensively.

  3. that tattoo shit need to stop. you cant even tell what the shit is when you black. shit makes no sense. black people are the new posers

  4. lol @ the new poseurs. its funny b/c its true, except that black people originated a helluvalottashit.

  5. white boys shut the fuck up

    they can get tats if they want,it their body
    fuck yall worried for

    btw ya boi got a funny ass voice,nigga sound like the cookie munsta

  6. I’ve got nothing but love for Ya Boy no homo. He has been hands down in my top 5 favorite rappers for a while now. He just seems like a real nigga and he stays putting out those banging mixtapes/songs. Kush 2009 was a bit of a letdown but meh I’m waiting for that Mohawks & Heavy metal.

    Nice to see him hanging out with Compton Ass Terry too, haha.

  7. TK really needs to understand that saying Nigga every five seconds is not whats hot in the streets right now.

  8. […] from: Ya Boy & Terry Kennedy Talk Chris Brown/Rihanna, Drugs, etc (Video) Tags: ali, ant, busta rhymes, fabolous, famous, flight school, terry kennedy, ya […]

  9. Who the fuck is these dudes i hate new rappers

  10. Lmao @ YB acting a fool & any of you who don’t know who YB got to be kidding yourself he one of the hottest upcoming rappers there is right now!

  11. can someone count how many times he said nigga

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