Asher Roth – Just Listen A capella (Video)

Earlier Meka put up Ash performing a verse a capella for Sun Sessions. Here’s another video from the same performance. This time Asher does one of my favorite verses from him. A verse that deserves no hate, yet people will still do so because they seem to be ignorant as fuck. Asleep in the Bread Aisle in stores April 20th. The 4/20 Campaign will commence soon enough. I also included audio rips of both, courtesy of Dre Day.

DOWNLOAD: Asher Roth – Just Listen (A capella)
DOWNLOAD: Asher Roth – Sittin’ In Class Dreamin’


~ by Shake on March 21, 2009.

20 Responses to “Asher Roth – Just Listen A capella (Video)”

  1. I like.

  2. I always enjoy this verse.

  3. This and the Lounge are my two favorites.

  4. ^^co-sign, I fucks with The Lounge
    playful lyricism at it’s finest haha
    The Sittin in Class one was real dope can’t wait to buy his album
    Aprils mad far though lol

  5. Is this what you were just playing… 15 min ago?
    (Id play myself, but your music is too loud! So loud I cant just tell you this in person; typed is all you get)

    Anyway, twas effing dope. Really good shit

  6. thats some f’ing poetry
    dont know how people can hate

  7. allot of people can’t do what he did there.

    This and the Lounge are my two favorites.

    co sign the dude that said that, hottest shit on Green House Effect.

  8. […] more here: Asher Roth – Just Listen A capella (Video) Tags: Ace Hood, ant, asher-roth, asleep in the bread aisle, charles hamilton, contest, convinced, […]

  9. Con not wait for this shit to come out

  10. favorite song on the greenhouse effect?

  11. both of those are definitely dope..he performed the Listen one in concert at Michigan State and it impressed me most from him

  12. i can’t believe people are actually feeling this guy him and charles hamilton are the wackest out right now

  13. ^^^(To Each His Own, I Just Don’t Understand Why You Comment On It, Thats Pretty Wack In And Of Itself.) Anyhow This Poem Is Still Pretty Epic.

  14. Sounds SO MUCH like Eminem in that. Em had many verses where he spit very similar lines. Still sick though.

  15. this flow is over 2 years old…

    its the intro to his “Just Listen EP”

  16. ^what you gotta realize…is that even though you may be a diehard fan who’s heard everything, the world is just being introduced to him

    therefore it is new

  17. 4-20 BABY!!!

  18. he used that on spit your game or rap city but it was nice

  19. cannot wait for the asher’s cd to drop.

  20. Does anyone else agree that his spoken word verses/freestyles seem a little better than his songs?

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