Asher Roth – Sittin’ In Class Dreamin’ A capella (Video)

Mr. Roth goes in as part of Sun Sessions. *insert various support/villification comments below*


~ by Meka on March 21, 2009.

31 Responses to “Asher Roth – Sittin’ In Class Dreamin’ A capella (Video)”

  1. *inserts various support/villification comments*

    hes pretty dope, but he sounds waaay too much like eminem on this one.

  2. im too pussy to sell more than a dime. rofl.

    that a yayo can make it and a mike jones can make it. lol.

    i like this.

  3. Jones’ album is a fuckin heat wave.

  4. ive always liked this dude.

    cant wait for the album!

  5. god he is fuckn wack.

  6. Since no one has said it, I’ll be the first, “This nigga is a herb”

  7. what makes him wack? i would like to know

  8. He’s white. Everybody knows that all white niggas is wack. And he sound like eminem too

  9. Fuck UCONN btw

  10. your prolly white and angry “hater”

    Ash is like a poet in this 1!

  11. what makes him wack? i would like to know
    untruthfully_truthful said this on March 21, 2009 at 12:19 pm
    just bc they keep comparing him to Eminem, obviously he is not as good as Em but he does what he does best

  12. aggies blow dick. hater.

    ashers nice

  13. Sarcasm much?

  14. Hasheem Thabeet blows horse dick. If the aggies weren’t playing like a buncha pussies then this would be an interesting game. Elonu and Davis look like they just saw basketball Jesus. WTF!!

  15. and that Enberg motherfucker looks like he’s choking on Stanley Robinson’s dick. Biased motherfuckers!!

  16. ey yo Meka you got a mp3 for this one? im feelin it

  17. wtf is a “white nigga” come with some sense when you talk . honestly I know he has wordplay and shit..and this song proves it does the one with him a CH..and B.O.B. or bobby ray..or toby..or kunta..w/e his name is now. Either way. that I love college shit..thats some afro man wack shit. lol.. but if he sticks to this..which i have a feeling asleep on the bread isle is like. i GUESS..i’ll support this “white nigga”

  18. But he wasn’t talking ’bout Coke and birds
    It was more like spoken word except he’s really puttin’ it down

  19. I’ve Heard A Couple Of These Lines Before But I Don’t Know Where

  20. i dont care what anyone says. this guy is the shit!

  21. this my video =)

  22. […] is the original post:  Asher Roth – Sittin’ In Class Dreamin’ Acapella (Video) Tags: asher-roth, ayo, b.o.b., bestofbothoffices, bobby ray, busta rhymes, charles hamilton, […]

  23. Asher is smart. Keep releasing these dope freestyles. Build more hype for the album.

  24. seems like he’s got his flow down.
    listen to em’s first cd compared to the other ones.
    he sounds way different in the first one.
    Asher seems to has his shit together already.

  25. Maybe “Hater” is actually Roth. Consider that?

  26. This guy is a star

  27. dope.

  28. Asher on some cool shit

  29. OMG he is sooooo dope 2dopeboz please keep holding it down posting this hottttttttt as shitttt i mean its fireeeeeeeeeee theres no one who can speak better than this … one with substance you guys never dick ride or hop on a bandwagon and pleaseeeeee post more Charles Hamilton theres not a more deserving artists he is the truth maybe the next Biggie or Kweli or or or someone great the best nooo im not being sarcastic and yall dont just post shit you think everyone else thinks is hot.

  30. Jones’ album is a fuckin heat wave.
    Heat waves suck. They make me want to hold my head under water. So yea, you right

  31. what is this song from?

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