Foreign Exchange @ XM Sirius Radio (Video)

Foreign Exchange had an exclusive live performance at XM Sirius Radio in Washington, DC. Phonte and Nicolay talk about how it is working together and more. Props to Jabari.


~ by Meka on March 21, 2009.

9 Responses to “Foreign Exchange @ XM Sirius Radio (Video)”

  1. i never knew nicolay was so tall. foreign exchange brings that good music.

  2. V.I.V. Very Important Video lol
    more seriously they’re all doing a fantastic stuff and i’d like to see them in a live show

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  4. ya, geez, i did not know that either, nicolay is a giant.

  5. I hope the rumor that Phonte’s gonna do a solo album this year comes true.

  6. Sorry to brag… BUT MY BRACKET IS KILLIN ALL YALL’S!!!! I got Memphis all the way!

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  8. I’m sure Phonte will do a solo– pooh’s done.. two.. ?
    Plus he likes to trick, and spend some muneeeeee

  9. Foreign Exchange is the shit. Phonte is the dopest Emcee in the game.

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